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MultiShape Care Series: How to Lubricate Your Beard Trimmer

MultiShape Care Series: How to Lubricate Your Beard Trimmer
When you’re looking to purchase the best beard trimmer for your needs, it’s important to consider not just performance, but maintenance. A great beard and hair trimmer should be as easy to maintain as it is to use. We’ve designed MultiShape as a high-performance personal care system with components that require just a few simple steps of maintenance to give you long-lasting performance.

The first rule of thumb? If you want to keep your beard and hair clippers working gently and powerfully, lubricate the blades before and after each use.

Why should you lubricate those blades? Well, when you use beard trimmers and hair clippers for men, the moving blade is moving against the fixed blade really fast, creating a ton of friction. That friction can create heat which can damage the blade over time, which will cause the a less than ideal trimming experience (think tugging, pulling and overall irritation). Applying oil will lessen friction from constant movement, so you can ensure smooth cutting during the life of your blades!

How do I lubricate my beard trimmer?

Great question, thanks for asking! Applying oil to the trimmer blade is literally as easy as one, two, three (just see below!). But beware, you can’t use just any old oil for your blades (no, not even the argan oil that makes your face soft and hydrated) – you need to make sure that you use an oil specifically designed for use with electric shavers and trimmers. We include blade oil in every one of our Recommended Kits to make it easy to maintain the life of your blades.

  1. Remove the blade. To remove the stainless steel blade, first remove the attachment from the MultiShape battery base unit, then while holding the trimmer attachment head, place your thumb against the trimmers blades and then push them away from the head.

  1. Apply a drop of the lubrication oil to each indicated point.

  1. Re-attach the blade to the trimmer head, turn on the power, and allow it to run for about 5 seconds.

This simple action can go a long way in making sure you get your best performance from your men’s grooming kit – but it’s only one step! Make sure you properly clean your blades too so you can continue to trim, shape and manscape with comfort and ease! Not sure how? Check out our blog post about cleaning your MultiShape device.

Need some help? Check your operating instructions for more information on cleaning trimmer blades!

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