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Getting Your MultiShape in Tip-Top Shape: How to Clean Your MultiShape Device

Getting Your MultiShape in Tip-Top Shape: How to Clean Your MultiShape Device

You’ve sculpted that beard. You’ve detailed those eyebrows. You’ve cleaned up under your chin. Now it’s time to clean-up your MultiShape device. It’s easy, though—we promise!

Here’s the scoop: we’ve designed MultiShape to be not only easy to use, but most important (at least for the purpose of this article) easy to clean! We want MultiShape to be the last grooming device you’ll ever need, or want. But you can only get there if you take care of it. From knowing how to discard hair shavings properly to finding out how to disinfect beard trimmer, the more information you have about how to care for your device, the better you’ll look—for longer!

Cleaning 101: What to Know Before You Start

No matter what attachments you use with MultiShape—from face and body trimmer to toothbrush—you can start with these cleaning basics:

  • MultiShape is water resistant and can be used in the shower and rinsed clean, but avoid fully submerging in water for long periods of time.
  • Don’t wash the AC Adaptor with water—just wipe that clean with a dry cloth when you need to.
  • Avoid using very hot water or any harsh detergents other than hand soap to clean your device on the daily.
  • Do not wipe any part of MultiShape with thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc.

Maintaining Your MultiShape Device

If you’re using your MultiShape to shave or trim, you’ll want to clean it after every use (i.e. daily). Not only will it help keep your MultiShape in tip-top shape, but it’s also just the hygienic thing to do! Lucky for you, a quick daily clean of MultiShape really just involves a light rinse, but here are some tips to better clean your shaver and trimmer attachments after each use.

Cleaning the MultiShape Base Unit

  • Make sure the AC adaptor is unplugged from the main body, then rinse the main body under running water.
  • Do a gentle shake of the main body to remove excess water (be careful not to bit on the sink!), then wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.
  • After you’re done cleaning and it’s fully dry, the main base unit should be stored with the cap attached.

How to (Daily) Clean Your Shaver Attachment

  • With the main body of MultiShape turned OFF, quickly rinse the foil shaver head under water and then apply a little hand soap to the outer foils.

  • Turn on the power, let it run for 10 to 20 seconds (for exact intervals check the Operating Instructions) then turn off and rinse again under water until water runs clean.

  • Shake off excess water and pat dry with towel. You can then leave it out to fully dry, out of direct sunlight.

Tip: If you’re noticing hair build-up even after this cleaning routine, try carefully removing the outer foil and rinsing inner blades with warm, running water.

How to (Daily) Clean Your Beard Clipper and Attachments

  • Turn off the main unit (and make sure it’s not connected to the AC adaptor)

  • Carefully remove any comb attachment you have on the trimmer head.

  • Place the hair trimmers head under running water, allowing water to run through the water drain on the unit.

  • Shake off excess water, then pat dry with a towel.

  • Rinse any attachments separately, shake off excess water and let dry.

Tip: If you are noticing hair build up and sluggish power, there may be a whole lot of hairs stuck in that hair trimmer attachment. For a more in depth clean, pop off the blade and press down on the cleaning lever to remove stubborn hair from between the fixed and moving blade.

Every once in a while, you’ll want a more thorough clean of your MultiShape shaving and trimming attachments (so you can really get rid of greasy residue and those pesky stuck on hairs) – we’ve got you covered there with an included mini cleaning brush. For a really thorough clean, and to learn how to sanitize beard trimmer, check out our help page or the Operating Instructions.

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