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MultiShape will give you award-winning grooming results - head to toe!

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Panasonic MultiShape is a modular personal care system that is completely customizable so you can choose only what you need. Featuring a cordless, rechargeable base, wet/dry performance and premium, precision hypoallergenic stainless steel blades, MultiShape is designed to be the last grooming device you'll ever need.

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Build Your Own MultiShape

You choose your base, and the attachments to fit your individual needshowever your style evolves.

Build a Kit

Electric Toothbrush Head

A high-performing electric toothbrush that's easy to use at home and on the go.

Beard, Hair, & Body Trimmer

Designed to gently and easily trim even thick, dense hair and beards, as well as body hair. Comes with 4 comb attachments.

Nose, Ear, Facial Trimmer

Advanced double-edged cutting blades to trim hard-to-reach spots efficiently without pulling hair. Built-in vacuum quickly collects hair particles for less mess.

Shaver Head

3-blade shaver head with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades.

Base Unit

Choose from a Li-Ion or NiMH base unit - each is designed with ergonomic grip

Less Waste. More Style.

Sustainability is at the heart of the MultiShape system. One device with multiple attachments that you choose based on your needs means less electronic devices and attachments cluttering your bathroom, and less waste in landfills.

And, we're upping our commitment to the environment by giving YOU an exclusive discount on your next MultiShape purchase when you recycle your old electronic personal care device with us!

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Expand Your Attachments

Ready to evolve your style? MultiShape Attachments are ready to groom you to perfection - shave, trim, (tooth)brush...load up on additional attachments now to make the most of your MultiShape grooming kit! And don't forget your replacement accessories!

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