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The MultiShape Toothbrush for Every Day, At Home or Away

The MultiShape Toothbrush for Every Day, At Home or Away

Traveling for business and leisure is back in a major way, so it couldn’t be a better time to make sure your grooming kit is ready to go. The MultiShape modular personal care system is designed to have you covered! While the personal shaver and beard trimmer attachments are impressive, it’s the electric toothbrush heads that take MultiShape from being a simple shaving kit to an all-around grooming MVP.

How Does the MultiShape Toothbrush Work?

The toothbrush attachments work like any other electric toothbrushes. The heads come with a Toothbrush Head Connector that easily clicks onto the battery-powered MultiShape base unit/handle. The two heads included—the Extra-fine Toothbrush Head and the Multi-fit Toothbrush Head—let you choose the kind of bristle that works best for your teeth and gums. If you’re not sure which one to use, you can ask your dentist for a recommendation.

We want you to feel like this is your best electric toothbrush yet, so we’ve built the toothbrush attachment to deliver a powerful clean. MultiShape toothbrushes use sonic vibrations to clean plaque from teeth surface and deep within periodontal pockets so you can experience a gentle, yet satisfying toothbrushing.

How can I prevent the MultiShape Toothbrush Heads from Getting Dirty?

MultiShape is more than just a toothbrush – it’s also a nose hair trimmer, hair clipper, body groomer, and shaver too! But don’t grumble about pesky hair trimmings getting onto your toothbrush - MultiShape is designed to keep your attachments clean and organized, so using it as a both groomer and toothbrush will be cool, we promise! Just make sure you rinse the base unit clean under running water after you shave or trim to quickly rinse away any leftover hairs. Then, just pop on the toothbrush attachment for a clean…clean! After using, detach your toothbrush head and rinse clean under running water, and make sure you rinse the connector too. Each toothbrush head includes a Storage/Travel Cap too, so you can keep it away from dust, dirt, and germs when stored and when you travel.

When it comes time to store MultiShape, you can of course keep it on your counter, or in your bathroom vanity drawer. But we suggest storing it, and your toothbrush heads too, in the MultiShape Toiletry Bag. This isn’t your typical grooming bag – you know the one where you throw all your products in and then have to dig to the bottom to find what you need? Nope, this one has been specifically designed for MultiShape, with dedicated pockets for each individual attachment, so you can keep everything organized and in their place. The bag is constructed using 100% certified recycled rPET nylon, is water-and-mold resistant, and can be cleaned easily. It’s perfect for travel, great for storage, and will even let you fit some of your favorite skincare or bath products too!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to discover the new future of electric toothbrush. It’s time to discover the future of men’s personal care, with MultiShape!

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