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THE Valentine's Day Gift that Lives Up to the Buzz

THE Valentine's Day Gift that Lives Up to the Buzz

MultiShape is the personal grooming tool that every man needs

As Valentine’s Day draws near, your thoughts may turn to planning or gifting something special: a romantic one-on-one dinner; flowers; a little treat left on the pillow of your special someone. Shakespeare comes to mind—“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

But, what if we told you that Shakespeare’s counted ways could include the 58 trimming lengths of a hyped, of-the-moment trimmer as well as a truly buzz-worthy (both literally and figuratively) electric razor for men, and then some?

The critics agree: Multishape is the best mens grooming kit

To our ears, nothing says “Be Mine” quite like an elegant grooming kit, especially one that takes care of all your business. With accolades from Spy [Editor’s Choice], GQ [Best Stuff], and Esquire [2022 Grooming Awards], the MultiShape modular personal care system lives up to the hype—and then some.

To up the Valentine’s Day gifting this year, we’ve partnered with Molton Brown to create our most colorful kit yet! The Limited Edition Ultimate All-in-One Kit with Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gels has everything in the All-in-One Kit plus a Molton Brown 3-Piece set.

So let us count the ways we love this kit , and why you will too…

ONE: The Ultimate Kit has got it all

From a nose hair trimmer, to our best electric toothbrush (with TWO different brush types), to a body hair clipper to help you manscape and even a 3-blade men’s shaver – this MultiShape kit has got everything you need to keep yourself well-groomed from head to toe. It’s waterproof (key for shaving or trimming in the shower), and the base has a rubberized grip so you can ‘scape with ease, exerting minimal effort for maximum results. It’s also cordless, so you can cut and trim freely without getting tangled.

TWO: Molton Brown adds a touch of luxury to your shower

Nothing completes a grooming routine like a relaxing shower, and nothing completes that shower quite like Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gels. This kit will let you infuse into your bathing routine with three travel-friendly shower gels from Molton Brown including Re-charge Black Pepper, Infusing Eucalyptus and Neon Amber.

THREE: The Ultimate toiletry bag keeps everything organized

Sure it’s easy to put your travel shaver into any old bag and call it a day. But, we’re giving you a travel pouch that’s been specifically designed to hold all of the MultiShape attachments within individual pockets, so you can keep everything neatly in place when you’re jet-setting, and still have some room to pack that deodorant, and toothpaste too.

FOUR: MultiShape is modular and customizable…

While this kit comes with all the bells and whistles, as your style evolves, your grooming routine may too! And with interchangeable attachment heads that click on and off in a flash, it’s easy to further customize your kit. So, when you’re ready to focus on your facial hair, you can upgrade with the Beard & Hair Trimmer attachment – its got a narrow blade that’s just perfect for edging those beard lines. that’s got a narrow blade

FIVE: …and, Multishape is a more sustainable grooming choice

MultiShape’s modular design dramatically reduces the number of individual products that you use – meaning less material use, and less waste! We’ve even reduced our packaging materials where we can. And, that handy toiletry bag that keeps everything neat is made of recycled materials too!

So this Valentine’s Day, up your gift giving (or receiving - there’s nothing wrong with buying a present for yourself) with our new Limited Edition Ultimate All-in-One Kit with Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gels. You’re welcome!

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