S Series 35mm F1.8 L-Mount

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LUMIX S 35mm F1.8 is a large-diameter prime lens compatible with all L-mount cameras as well as other series of LUMIX F1.8 lenses (S-S85, S-S50, S-S24), suitable for landscapes, snapshots, and portraits. It excels in video recording performance with a mechanism that suppresses focus breathing and features a dust- and splash-resistant* design.

LUMIX 35mm F1.8

For depth and realism in your video and photo

Ideal for snapshots and portraits, S-S35 creates images with a strong sense of realism, space, and depth. Minimal focus breathing and seamless aperture control contribute to beautifully smooth video capture, with easy interchangeability with our other F1.8 Series lenses for high quality continuity.

Ideal for video recording

Enjoy fast, accurate autofocus and smooth aperture changes, critical for the modern content creator— record beautiful 4K video and stills without disturbing your subject.

Dust, splash and freeze-resistant design

Designed to keep shooting in the toughest conditions, thanks to a dust- and splash-resistant construction* that allows you to shoot in temperatures as low as -10 °C / 14 °F.

*Dust and splash resistant does not guarantee that damage will not occur when lens is subjected to direct contact with dust and water.

Optimized lens construction

The configuration of the S-S35 has 11 elements in 9 groups, including 3 ASPH and 3 ED lenses to minimize aberrations and ensure superb resolution.

Outstanding sharpness and resolution

With superb image quality from the center to the edges of the frame, the S-S35 lens is ideal for the LUMIX full-frame system.