Epilator with Gentle Epilation Cap

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With two large rotating heads designed to remove hair that even waxing can't reach, the Panasonic ES-EY30 Epilator helps create smooth, supple skin simply and easily at home, with the ability to customize settings for gentle, effective hair removal.

1. Dual-disc epilation head60 hypoallergenic, rotating tweezers
2. 90 degree pivoting headFor hard-to-reach areas
3. Three Speed LevelsChoose the right amount of power
4. Easy on/offEasy to use even with wet hands
5. Slim Grip HandleErgonomic design, easy to use

Wide, Dual-Disc Epilator for Hair Removal in One Stroke

The epilator uses 60 tweezers working in tandem to remove hair quickly.Greater tweezer density in the center plus tweezers that span a 140% wider area than previous Panasonic epilators means one pass is all you need to efficiently remove hair.Capture hairs that waxing can't - as short as .02 inches!

Gentle Epilation for Beginners

A gentle attachment snaps onto the epilator head to help limit the number of exposed tweezer discs, making the epilation experience gentler for beginners and when you're removing hair in sensitive areas. Use wet with body wash or shaving foam or cream for an even gentler hair removal experience.

High Power Motor with 3 Speed Settings

Press a button and the LED illuminates in three stages — Soft, Normal and Power — to match the proper speed with the part of the body you are treating. In Power Mode, the ES-EY30 discs operate at 2,900 rotations per minute for speedy hair removal.

Redesigned Sure-Grip Handle

A slim, user-friendly, sure-grip handle gives the epilator a clean, elegant look, as well as total control when reaching hard-to-get-at body areas.

Helpful LED Pressure Sensor

Bright, built-in LED light illuminates hard-to-see areas and starts to blink when you push too hard.

Fast Recharging

Recharges in only one hour for 30 minutes of cordless use for personal care at home or away.

Non-slip Wet Dry Hair Removal

Handle design makes it easy to use with gel or foam in the bath or shower; use dry for quick trims or touch-ups.

Smoothly Adjusts to Your Natural Contours

Removing hair from underarms, knees and other hard-to-reach places is now no strain at all. A highly flexible, 90˚ pivoting epilator head moves nimbly along the unique contours of your body to capture and remove unwanted hair with ease.


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