Recycling Program

Over 88 million Americans use an electric or battery shaver or trimmer...

When it’s time to replace those products for new ones, most will end up in landfills, contributing to the almost 7 million tons of e-waste produced every year in the United States alone!

You can be a part of the solution...

We want to help you do right by the environment, by making it easy, and rewarding, to recycle your old electronic devices.

Just provide us with some information, then send back your old electronic personal care device (shipping is on us!), and receive a new grooming device at a discount . It’s out with the old - sending it off to be responsibly recycled - and in with a new, more sustainable grooming tool, MultiShape!

Here's how it works...

Fill out the below form and hit “submit.”  Our recycling partner, ERI, will send you a prepaid, return shipping label via email – then just ship your device and we’ll send you a one-time use discount code for 30% off your next MultiShape purchase!

Less Waste. More Style.

One battery. One charger. Recycle-able packaging. Learn how MultiShape can help to shape a more sustainable future.

Learn About Our Recycling Partners

Our vision is to advance a more circular supply chain -that vision starts with the consumer and ends with our valuable partners.

Our partners will deconstruct electronic devices and evaluate which components are sent for recycling, and which components, especially batteries, can be sent on for remanufacturing in a circular supply chain. Eligible components such as lithium-ion batteries will be remanufactured into critical electronic components. 

ERI is the largest fully integrated electronics & IT asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the US.  With a mission to protect people, the planet and privacy, ERI is certified at the highest level by all leading environmental and data security oversight organizations to de-manufacture, recycle, and refurbish electronic devices in an environmentally responsible manner.

Redwood Materials is creating a closed-loop, domestic supply chain for lithium-ion batteries across collection, recycling, refining, and remanufacturing of sustainable battery materials. Their mission is to build a circular supply chain to power a sustainable world and accelerate the reduction of fossil fuels.

MRM brings manufacturers together to build a circular economy while meeting the need for environmentally responsible recycling opportunities for consumers.  Founded by Panasonic and other electronics manufacturers, MRM monitors and manages recycling programs for manufacturers of all types of electronic equipment across the US and in Ontario, Canada.