Cordless Water Flosser for Braces

SKU: EW1213A
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Using the power of water, the cordless EW1213A Oral Irrigator allows you to maintain healthy teeth, gums and get a more thorough cleaning around braces. Designed for gentle yet powerful oral cleaning, this compact water flosser includes two nozzle options and multiple power settings to customize your experience for your needs, even if you’re sharing your flosser with other members of your family.

Designed Especially for Braces

Wash away food debris gently, easily, and effectively. This dual-head water flosser is the perfect tool for cleaning braces, using both a gentle water jet and a tuft brush that removes plaque.

Two heads for a gentle, custom flossing experience

Two flossing functions lets you clean your braces in the best way for you: Nozzle design provides a jet of water with minimal splashing, while the tuft brush thoroughly removes sticky food

Three Water Jet Settings

Choose from three water jet settings to get clean teeth thoroughly, even with braces. Choose from a powerful pulsating high-pressure water jet, or a pulsating stream of water mixed with air, in regular or soft mode, for more gentle stimulation.

Water Jet Nozzle

Wash away food debris with a gentle-but-powerful water flow.

Tuft Brush

Remove plaque and food from braces with a gentle motion

Easy Storage

Waterproof irrigator washes clean under water. A charging stand makes on-countertop storage sleek.

Ergonomic Shape

Grips easily for flossing