ARC3 3-Blade Men's Electric Shaver

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The ARC3 mens electric shaver is a powerful yet gentle men's shaver that has an ultra-fast linear motor for a quick, close shave. Its three-blade cutting system deploys 39,000 cross-cutting actions per minute and a flexible shaving head has multi-directional movement to shave closely along the contours of the face, chin, and neck, making sure you get an efficient, clean shave.

1. 30˚ Edge Inner Blades
2. 3-Blade Cutting System
3. Built-in Shave Sensor
4. Wet/Dry Convenience
5. LED Status Indicator
6. Flexible 12D Shaving Head
7. Pop-Up Trimmer

3-Blade Shaving System

Panasonic has applied state-of-the-art technology to develop blades and foils of superior quality. Made from hypoallergenic stainless-steel for comfort even on sensitive skin.

High Performance Motor

Powerful 13,000 CPM linear motor works with blade system to make 39,000 cross cuts per minute, powering through even thick, dense hair with ease, for faster shaving.

12-D Multidirectional Flexibility

Shaver head flexes in 12 directions to closely and easily follows the contours of the face, chin neck and jaw for increased comfort and more efficient shaving.

Wet / Dry Convenience

Use the versatile shaver wet or dry, to shave in the shower or over the sink with or without your favorite shaving cream, or dry whenever.

Precision Pop-up Trimmer

Instantly engage the precision pop-up shaving trimmer to quickly and easily detail sideburns and mustache, or trim down long stubble before you shave.

Great for Travel

Equipped with universal voltage, travel safety lock to prevent your shaver from accidentally turning on, and travel pouch for on-the-go grooming.

Quick, Easy Maintenance

Keeping your ES-LT67-A clean and running like new is easy- just power on and rinse under warm, running water after every use to remove hair build-up.

Intelligent Shave Sensor

Measures beard density 200 times per second and adapts cutting power for a more comfortable shave with minimal irritation.