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Water Flosser EW1213A for Braces - Waterproof


Product details

Using the power of water, the cordless EW1213A Dental Water Flosser allows you to maintain healthy teeth, gums and get a more thorough cleaning around braces. Designed for gentle yet powerful oral cleaning, this compact water flosser includes two nozzle options and multiple power settings to customize your experience for your needs, even if you’re sharing your flosser with other members of your family.

Key features

  • Cordless Water Flosser Designed for Easy Oral Care: Floss gently, easily and effectively; Multiple water jet speeds and unique nozzle designs make the EW1213A an easy-to-use dental flosser for tooth, orthodontic or bridge care
  • Two Nozzles for Teeth, Braces: Jet Nozzle uses powerful stream of water to clean between teeth and in periodontal pockets; Tuft Brush uses bristles and water to scrub away sticky food and plaque from teeth or braces; nozzles rotate to reach where you want
  • Flossing Designed for You: Choose from 3 water jet settings for a comfortable experience; a powerful high-pressure water jet, or a pulsating stream of water mixed with air in regular or soft modes for gentler stimulation
  • Ergonomic, Portable Design and Easy Charging: Compact flosser has an easy-to-grip design that can be packed away for vacations; Charging dock can be wall mounted or rest on countertop
  • Waterproof, Washable: This cordless water flosser is waterproof and can be quickly washed with water, or remove water tank for a more thorough cleaning
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Specification Description
Item Dimensions 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01
UPC 885170425118