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Winter Beard Care: Nail Your Cold-Weather Look

Winter Beard Care: Nail Your Cold-Weather Look

While a change of season is always a great time for a light style refresh, the new year is when you can really switch it up! Using the MultiShape personal care system, you can make “new year, new you” a reality by changing your facial hair to put your best look forward.

Winter Beard Care and Grooming Essentials

What better way to weather the colder temperatures and cope with post-holiday winter ennui than by growing an epic beard? Whether you’re going for a dapper Donald-Glover-as- young Lando Calrissian vibe, a light Harry Styles affair (or his bushy look if it’s your thing—we don’t judge), or a laser-cut Drake look, you’ll need a beard trimmer as your go-to tool.

MultiShape offers two options: the Beard & Hair Trimmer Head (with 2 comb attachments and quick-adjust dial for up to 39 different cutting lengths) and the Beard, Hair, & Body Trimmer Head (with four comb attachments and 58 different cutting lengths). With either of these tools in hand, you can gently and easily trim even thick, dense hair and beards to the perfect, precise length.

Tips for Growing Your Best Beard

Part 1 - Pre-growth, shaving and trimming

While beard growing may sound easy, you can’t just sit back and let nature take over. Even for a relaxed look, you’ll need to trim and curate your beard as it fills in. We recommend starting with a fresh, clean-shaven face, since a healthy start to personal care helps keep your skin free from irritation and razor bumps.

Trim down your beard before you shave

If your facial hair is sporting more than 4–5 days of growth, make sure you trim down before you shave. Try getting your hair down to a trim length of about 1mm all over your face. (Tip: use the shortest comb attachment with the lowest setting on the quick-adjust dial).

Shave clean

Once you’ve trimmed down, wash your face and deploy an electric shaver to get that super-smooth feel. To prevent razor burn, use light pressure when you shave, and avoid pressing the electric razor into your face. Then, use downward strokes, shaving with the direction of hair growth. The MultiShape 3-Blade Shaver Head is made to be comfortable and gentle on your skin, with hypoallergenic Japanese stainless steel blades that minimize irritation.

Don't forget regular skincare

Keeping your face clean will not only help eliminate dirt and grime, but help prevent inflammation and ingrown hairs as your beard fills in. Wash your face with warm water (not hot) twice a day and make sure all of the soap is rinsed away.

Part 2 - Grow and shape your beard

The second phase of your winter-weather beard is where your creativity comes into play. With a little patience and attention to detail, you’ll be sporting a new look in no time.

Let that facial hair fill in

Now that you have a clean canvas to work from, you can begin growing your beard in earnest. Keep growing without trimming until you have full coverage.

Trim those beard lines

Once you have identified where you want to draw the perimeter of your facial hair, use the trimmer and this detailing tool to make the edges clean. (Bonus: you can use the detailer as a nose hair trimmer and ear hair trimmer, too.)

Clear that scruff from your neck

Whatever the style of beard you choose, keep the neck free and clear of growth and stubble. In general, making a U shape around your chin and jawline is the way to go.

Keep your hair length even

Trim regularly to keep your beard growth full and healthy.

Maintaining Your Look

In addition to washing your face regularly and trimming, you can use beard combs and beard oil to keep your facial hair looking healthy and robust.

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