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No-Shave November

No-Shave November

Maintaining that November (and Beyond!) Mustache: Tips and Tricks

Growing your mustache in November has become a fantastic tradition to help advance awareness of men’s health and raise money for a good cause. It also creates a challenge for those who are all-in with the mustache—but could still use some advice on helping to maintain the look all month long, and beyond!

So if you need some tips on getting your best-looking ‘stache month, ever, we got you!

For Those About to Trim, We Salute You

The first step in getting your face mustache-ready is to get rid of all that facial hair. That means a nice shave or all-over trim so you can start with a blank canvas.

Of course, if you’re going to shave, or trim, you want to make sure skin is protected so your face can continue to look great. Want to learn how to avoid razor bumps and how to prevent razor burn? It all starts at the beginning—so make sure your skin is prepped and ready.

  • Wash your face with warm water (not hot) and make sure all of the soap is rinsed away. This will help eliminate dirt and grime and open your pores to help reduce irritation. It also helps to soften hair, so your grooming device can cut through like butter.
  • Pre-shave oil will help protect your skin and lubricate your hair to make each stroke of the shaver or trimmer go that much more smoothly.
  • Apply foam or gel evenly and without too much lather, so you won’t get lost in suds
  • When you shave, use downward strokes to shave with the direction of hair growth.
  • Tip: If you’re starting with a lot of facial hair (more than 45 days of growth), trim down before you shave.
  • If you’re trimming first, try getting your hair down to about 1mm all over your face, then use your shaver for that super-smooth feel.

Shaping that Mustache

When asking yourself “what facial hair style is right for me?” remember that with the Panasonic MultiShape, you have all the tools you need for whatever style comes your way. The Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer head has a wide blade that is best for all-over, more uniform trimming while the Beard & Hair Trimmer Head has a narrower blade and is better suited for edging and detailing. So whether you want to keep a cool stubble with a handlebar look, a pencil-perfect homage to John Waters, a hipster-cool horseshoe shape, or a full-on 80’s Tom Selleck, you can make your moustache vision a reality.

Whichever handy trimmer attachment you use, just remember:

  • Utilize the included comb attachments at first. Even though our trimmer blades are made with hypoallergenic stainless steel, this will help minimize irritation when you have longer hair.
  • Apply foam or gel sparingly (as noted above). Hold your skin gently and start trimming lightly, applying more pressure only if needed. MultiShape is powerful, so go easy!
  • If you’re trimming dry, start with even lighter pressure to help guard against irritation.
  • Pull back, wipe down, regroup, and reshape little by little! Don’t run the risk of over-trimming.

Post-Trim Care

Making mustache month happen isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor! A few pieces of post-trim maintenance will make all the difference to keep your facial hair looking great, always.

  • Right after trimming, you can use clean tweezers to gently, gently lift any ingrown hairs.
  • Splash your skin with cold water to calm the surface.
  • Apply toner and aftershave to keep your skin balanced and feeling fresh.
  • Keep that mustache shapely with some post-trim touch-ups when you’re ready.

Get it? Got It? Good.

Now that you’ve got your trimming plans laid out, Panasonic MultiShape is ready for you to go forth and make your mustache dreams a reality.

Looking for a product recommendation? Try the Beard & Hair Trimmer Starter Kit – it includes our narrow blade trimmer that’s got 39 length settings and lets you edge and detail with ease. Then you can add on other attachments—like our Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer attachment—when you’re ready!

Got a great mustache look that you want to share? Tag us in your photos on social: @PanasonicPersonalCare using #MultiShapeMustache

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