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We Love Our Planet – Our Mission Toward Being an Earth-Minded Brand

We Love Our Planet – Our Mission Toward Being an Earth-Minded Brand

Sustainability may be a buzzword these days, but at MultiShape we are serious about the importance of environmental health and the future of our planet. And because electronics can be some of the hardest products to reduce, reuse and recycle, we’ve taken as many steps as possible to make sure we’re doing our part.  

We’re Lessening the Waste 

Are we the experts? No. But it doesn’t take an expert to tell you that the best possible thing you can do for the environment is reduce wastefulness in general. Now, that’s a big statement that can take on a few different meanings. But for us, it means building a single product that eliminates the need for a bunch of separate gadgets…which decreases the need for extra product, materials, and packaging. And we felt like that was a win. Because those extras…they add up!  

We’re Mindful About Packaging  

Speaking of packagingit’s one of the easiest things to make recyclable. The electronics industry is kind of notorious for plastic packaging, but we’ve taken the extra step to make our packaging out of cardboard and minimize the use of plastics overall. While cardboard’s most obvious benefit might be that its very easily recycled, it’s also biodegradable (unlike its hard, shiny friend). Plastic also uses crude oils and complex chemical process in production that make its impacts even worse than being virtually indestructible (yes, plastic is basically the Super Man of materials). And we know what you’re thinkingaren’t your actual products made from plastic? Well, you’ve got us there. But allow us to introduce you to one of our newest initiatives… 

We’re Giving New Life to Old Products 

When we create a product, the goal is to give you something that will last a LONG time. Our products are thoughtfully created with quality in mind so that you can feel good about your purchase for years to come. BUT even good things come to an end. (Isn’t that how that phrase goes?) Eventually you will have to replace your grooming device, and we want to help you do so in the most earth-friendly way possible. So, for starters, we’ve taken on the burden of recycling your old devices the right way. You heard that right—we’ll do it for you! Just send us your old device when you’re done, and we will handle the rest (oh, and we got the shipping too!). And something else that may be of interest? Because you gave the planet a hand, we’ll give you 30% off your next device (yes, seriously).  

But we weren’t going to stop there. You may have noticed that we use a lithium-ion battery…and you may know that those aren’t so easy to recycle or great for the planet. So, we’ve partnered with additional companies that are doing amazing things with the recycling, refining, and remanufacturing of sustainable battery materials. The goal is to create a circular supply chain that will reduce the need for fossil fuels. (And if you want to learn more about this—you can here.) 

In the end, we know this isn’t perfect. We know there is more to be done and there always will be. But we’re progress over perfection kind of people. And being part of the solution is in our DNA. So, we will keep working to deliver you the best products possible, while also looking out for the future of our planet.  

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