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Manscaping 101

Manscaping 101

No doubt you’ve heard this popular term and more than likely you’ve partaken in some version of it as well, but Manscaping—aka taking your groom anywhere south of your face—has become a thing. For those of you who are pros, congrats (…and also, should we compare notes?) But for everyone else out there who might be curious about the full-body groom, we’ve prepared a few basics to get you started.

Go Slow

We honestly can’t stress this one enough. If you are new here…Slow. Your. Roll. If you are running short on time, it’s NOT the time to give yourself a trim. Wait until you have an hour or so to really figure out what you want to do and—as weird as it sounds—have a strategy. Trying to do these things too quickly can lead to buzz cuts you didn’t plan on, or worse, nicks and cuts (on places you do NOT want nicks and cuts).

Don’t Use a Razor Blade

Believe it or not, this is not a biased opinion. Razors are super tough on your skin and that is especially true when you’re traveling into delicate territory. Not to mention, razors are really not meant for longer/thicker hair and will more often than not produce razor burn when used incorrectly. Instead, use a trimming tool that will allow you to cut thicker hair more easily and help prevent direct blade-to-skin contact.

Special Trimmer Attachments are Made for a Reason

Speaking of blade-to-skin contact, the best thing you can do to avoid that altogether is to start off using a trimming attachment. And if it’s truly your first time, use one that is at least a half inch high. This will give you the lay of the land, while minimizing mistakes and injuries. If you end up wanting to go shorter, you can always work your way down with special trimmer attachments made just for body grooming.

Keep Grooming Tools for Face and Body Clean

We’re all about multi-functional products (and using a trimmer on your face and your body just makes sense)! But your body produces more sweat and encounters a lot more bacteria than your face – so there are two options here. One, you can use a totally different tool for face and body. Alternatively, you can make sure to thoroughly clean your trimmer or shaver after each use/before moving to a new section. Because MultiShape offers you one base with multiple attachments, you can easily assign one trimmer head for your face and another for your body if that makes things easier. (And bonus, we actually have attachments that are especially good at trimming thicker body hair—just saying.) But, if you want to keep your trimmer multi-functional and are just  looking for ways to keep it squeaky clean, check out our write-up here.

So, whether you’ve finally given into the hairless trend, you’re preparing for a hot summer, or you’re just curious…if you follow these few tips, your experience is likely to be painless (literally). Happy grooming!

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