Panasonic Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

SKU: MK-F511
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Prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly and easily with the remarkably versatile Panasonic MK-F511 800-watt food processor. Make a wide range of fresh meals without adding labor; chop, mix, and slice fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats using 5 different dishwasher-safe attachments. Integrated Switch for Stop/Start, Pulse, and Speed Settings, with a compact vertical design. Lid lock, 800W max motor, and intentionally small feeding tube ensure safety.

Product Highlights


Versatile knife blade expertly prepares vegetables, fruits, meat, and grains to your specifications (mince/crumb; chop/mash; grind/paste; knead/crush)


Fine/coarse Shredding Blade for carrots, cheese, and more; thin/thick Slicing Blade to cut vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers and zucchini

Julienne Shred

Julienne Blade cuts potatoes into French Fries and creates expertly-made shreds of any vegetable.


Whipping Disk makes smooth, even sauces, sides, and desserts

Your Kitchen Multitasker: 5-Blade Convenience

Five attachments offer incredible speed and versatility in making fresh, healthy meals. With the included blades -- Julienne Shred, Whisk, Knife Blade, Shredding Blade, and Slicing Blade -- you can prep everything from shedded potatoes and julienned carrots to salsa and soups, to nuggets

Thoughtful Design Details that Make the Difference

The elegant, streamlined design of this food processor makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter, with a large 2.4 L capacity that doesn't take up too much space.

So Easy to Operate

Start making your favorite foods in just three steps: lock the bowl into the base, add ingredients, and start. A single knob controls Stop/Start, Pulse, and Speed Settings, making it easy to control the resulting texture of foods.

Big Capacity, Still Easy to Cut Small Quantities

Sure, we've got a 10-cup capacity bowl, but what about when you're making just a little? No problem -- even light and small quantities can be prepared uniformly. The knife blade can prep as little as 1 clove of garlic, while the whipping disc can prep as few as 2 egg whites.

Easy to Store

Attachments fit neatly inside the food processor bowl for easy storage


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