HomeCHEF™ Magic Pot 4-in-1 Cookware Accessory

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A simple, 4-in-1 solution for perfecting your favorite dishes. Placed inside your Panasonic microwave, the Magic Pot helps you prepare food quickly and easily in the microwave oven using 4 cooking methods—sear, simmer, steam, and grill—for the perfect flavor and texture every time. Safe, easy to use, and easy to clean, the Magic Pot helps you prepare meals with exceptional flavor and texture.

Pan Sear, Simmer, Steam, and Grill for Incredible Flavor

Get the most out of your Panasonic microwave oven with this must-have cookware accessory! Magic Pot uses 4 cooking methods (pan sear, simmer, steam, and grill) to cook every dish just right, from light, flavorful paella to browned, juicy burgers to fluffy cakes.

Four Ways to Cook

Pan Sear--for Delicious Char

Crisps food from the bottom up; Stainless Steel Lid helps contain moisture to keep proteins and vegetables plump and juicy

Simmer--for Flavorful Stews

The Crispy Pot simmers soups and stews for incredible taste, while Stainless Steel Lid retains precious liquid

Steam--for Fresh, Light Foods

Water boils under the Steam Tray while the Stainless Steel Lid contains moisture, for healthy and delicious foods with nutrients locked in

Crisp Grill--a Perfect Finish

Cook food on the inside and broil the top to a crispy finish by pairing the Crispy Pot with your combination oven's microwave and broil functions

Microwave Safe (Just Place it Properly)

Magic Pot has silicone, rubber, stainless steel, and aluminum in all the right places for a safe, optimal cooking experience. To use safely, place Magic Pot in the center of the microwave oven; the metal deflects heat and the rubber base absorbs it, conducting the heat only to the bottom and sides.

Stainless Steel Lid with Silicone Rim

Retains moisture in food when simmering and steaming

Heat-resistant Plastic Steam Tray

For light, thorough steaming, place food on tray and fill the crispy pot with water.

Aluminum Crispy Pot with Rubber Base

Sears and simmers food for maximum flavor and just the right texture.