Commercial Rice Cooker Inner Pan for SR-GA541H

Sale price$114.99

Lightweight anodized aluminum pan, compatible with the SR-GA541H Panasonic Commercial Rice and Grain Cooker.

Commercial Rice and Grains Cooker SR-GA541FH

High-efficiency, large capacity rice cooker makes 60 cups cooked rice (from 30 cups uncooked), perfect for quick-serve restaurants, cafeterias and more. Easy to operate and keep foods warm, with a nonstick liner.

Large Capacity, So There's Enough for Everyone

Make fresh, healthy rice in one batch, so you won't have to worry about running out during busy times of day; SR-GA541FH makes up to 60 cups cooked rice (from 30 cups uncooked) rice.

Simple Operation with the Push of a Button

Simply add rice and water and push the button -- SR-GA541FH goes to work quickly, saving you time and effort.

Never Overcooked

Your rice will be soft, fluffy, and warm; SR-GA541FH automatically cooks rice for the correct amount of time to give guests a delicious and consistent dining experience.

Keep Warm for up to 5 Hours

As soon as the rice has completed cooking, the SR-GA541FH keeps it warm for five hours so that you can continue to serve guests for an entire morning, afternoon, or evening.


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