LUMIX sent four creators to Washington to participate in a head-to-head photo and video challenge in The Pacific Northwest. The contestants' creativity and skills were put to the test during the 3-day event, and we have the footage to show just how everything went down, including the reveal of the first ever Shutter Showdown winner.



Join us and 4 filmmakers as they face off in the mountains of Washington in this epic adventure where filmmaking meets nature in all its glory. Over the course of 3 days these filmmakers and adventure seekers will compete in the most exhilarating reality competition of the year where a series of challenges will push their creativity and storytelling skills to the limit.

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Sunset Shot

The first challenge pushed our contestants to new heights and speeds (literally), this next challenge tested their creativity...and planning. This episode finds the contestants racing against the clock to get that perfect sunset shot. Do you think everyone made it in time?

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Final Course

After an incredible journey through the wilds of Washington state, we have reached the end of this epic filmmaking adventure. In this final episode, the contestants were paired up with talented local chefs to see what short films...and meals they could cook up.

Who do you think will come out on top in the first ever LUMIX Presents: Shutter Showdown?

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Meet the Contestants

Armando Ferreira

Dylan Kato

Fritz Bacon

Matthew Daigneau

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