LUMIX Pro Services (LPS) is designed to support LUMIX customers at every level, providing access to our extended 3-year warranty program and is the gateway to authorized camera and lens repair.

There are currently two tiers of membership available in the US:


LPS RED is free membership available to all LUMIX camera and lens customers.

  • Provides a 2-year extension on your 1-year factory warranty
  • Keeps track of your current gear and warranty dates
  • Allows for easy processing of service and repairs
  • Qualifies you for exclusive promotions and early access to news
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LPS PLATINUM is a paid program designed for professionals, our goal is to provide everything you need to operate and grow a successful business with LUMIX.

PLATINUM includes all the benefits of RED membership plus:

  • Prioritized support, including an exclusive member hotline
  • Free 2-way expedited delivery for repairs
  • Discounts on out-of-warranty service
  • Free Sensor or EVF Clean, Lens Calibration, Firmware Updates

Service and Repairs

LUMIX currently only authorizes repairs through ONE dedicated service provider. Requests for service need to be submitted through LUMIX Pro Services (LPS) to receive authorized service.

Panasonic camcorders are also covered by a 3-year extended warranty. You can register your product here. If you need service or repair, visit our small product repairs here.