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Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Does everyone agree that dad is the hardest person to shop for? It may seem like it’s easy to pick out the perfect gift, but you always end up getting him what seems like the same gift over and over again – a bottle of cologne, or a t-shirt or mug that says “World’s Best Dad.” Shopping for dad shouldn’t have to be hard – and it really doesn’t have to be. We’ve rounded up the top gifts for every type of dad that will be sure to make his day…or year!

For the Globe-Trotting Dad

Need a Father’s Day gift for the dad who love to travel? Look no further, MultiShape is here! Gone are the days where dad has to try to fit multiple grooming tools into his toiletry bag. MultiShape is ONE device, with multiple uses – so dad can shave, trim his nose hair and brush his teeth (yes, we went there) all with ONE device! Using one base unit, dad can click on and off different attachments to meet all of his grooming needs. It’s a total space saver for his carry-on, and a total mind saver for those chargers that get left at home (one base = one charger…genius!). You can tailor MultiShape just for dad, building out the attachments that are right for him, or opt for a pre-built MultiShape Recommended Kit (pssst – they’re on sale through Father’s Day!).

For the Dad Who Loves Music

Maybe he’s a Beatles fan…or maybe he’s keener on Leon Bridges. Whatever music style your dad likes, there’s got to be one song that is his favorite. Better yet, maybe there’s one song that you both belt out whenever it pops onto his Spotify playlist. To keep those music memories always alive, you have to pick up the Music Memories Custom Square Canvas from the Lime & Lou store. You type in the song and artist, name a memory and pick your color. Dad will get an awesome conversation art piece for his wall that features the song lyrics on top of a record print. The canvas is made from FSC-certified wood too, so it’s even eco-friendly (something we LOVE).

A Gift for the Dad Who Loves to Game

This season, the number one gift for the dad who loves to game is clearly Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But chances are dad has already purchased that and is already at least 20 hours into play (we’re not saying we are…but let’s face it, we are). So, the next best gift is the Panasonic SoundSlayer Wearable Speaker System. It’s a personal speaker system that you can wear on your neck, for personal sound that won’t disrupt the whole house, plus hours of comfortable play without the dreaded headphone fatigue. We love it, he’ll love it.

For the Dad Who Lives to Cook

Does your dad rock a “Kiss the Chef” t-shirt or apron? Is he the self-appointed grill master on your block? He’s probably got all the tools he needs to cook up chef-inspired masterpieces, so let’s simplify this a bit. What about a gift that infuses a little extra flavor, without him having to lift a fork, or spoon? Just add a touch of salt. A Himalayan Salt Plank (like this one) adds delicious flavor to any food. Try using it as a platter for some fresh mozzarella cheese and vine-ripe tomatoes for a seriously good appetizer. Or, dad can place watermelon slices on top and sprinkle some feta cheese for a savory dessert. He can heat it, chill it and easily clean it.

For the Dad Who Loves His Lawn…maybe a little too much

The 7 am weekend wakeup call followed by the sound of the lawn mower starting. If your dad spends more than three hours on the weekend taking care of the lawn, chances are he’s pretty proud of this work…and it’s probably less of a chore for him, and more of an accomplishment. So, for the dad who can envision his beautiful lawn, perfectly edged garden weed-free greenery every time he gets a whiff of fresh cut grass…this is for him. The KOBO Fresh Cut Grass Candle will bring those memories to him day in and day out, not just on the weekends! As a bonus, dad can plant the packaging and grow timothy grass – a true gift that keeps on giving for the green thumb dad!

There you have it, some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas this year. Want more? Stay tuned– we’ll keep you filled with the gift ideas for the guy in your life through Dad's Day!

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