The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her and Them

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her and Them

The holiday of romance is right around the corner. Why not give your beloved(s) a carefully selected gift that they will not only love, but use? These Valentines gift ideas aren’t just practical—they help bring life into living color, with high-resolution sound, scrumptious meals, and next-level grooming.


These go-to Valentine gifts are equally fabulous whether or not you have a honey. Go ahead and treat yourself – you’ll get more out of these than any box of chocolates.


For the Ones Who Love Comic Con

Delight your Star Wars fan or Final Fantasy-obsessed honey with these gifts that celebrate fandom.


Star Wars Shaver

No need to see your identification—this official limited-edition collectible will look great on their shelf and work great on their face, powering through stubble with perfect aim (really!).


SoundSlayer Wireless

Couples that game together slay together, so why not choose this incredible neck speaker? Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos makes games, movies, and audio come to life. Its wireless Bluetooth connection and lightweight design make it so easy to wear even for hours of immersive gaming.


For Proud Parents of Pets (and Humans)

There’s nothing more precious than seeing photos and video of your little one (human baby, fur baby, or scaly baby) in all their antics. These are excellent choices whether you’re curating your family album or content creating on TikTok.



Let your smartphone handle calls, driving directions, and looking up the best restaurant for a nice dinner. This incredibly lightweight, fits-in-your-hand camera has everything you need to level up your photos and video, so your memories will always be vivid and clear. User-friendly controls and features are tailored to social media formats.


HomeHawk Window

Hear us out—this home monitoring system has a dual purpose just for pet lovers. This clever home monitor affixes to the inside of windows so you can see through to outside! So not only can you monitor package deliveries with ease, but if you place a HomeHawk Window on the outside of your reptile tank to keep an eye on your buddy 24/7.



Presents for Your Manscaping / Femmescaping / Theyscaping Honey

Whether your beloved is rocking a full beard, mutton chops, or a clean-shaven head and face, it’s a great time of year to upgrade their grooming tools.



MultiShape is a versatile, powerful trimming and grooming tool to keep them and looking great. One easy-to-hold battery base and interchangeable heads make this travel-ready kit a surefire winner. Choose a starter kit for everything they would need in a custom toiletry bag that’s excellent for travel and storage.


Body Hair Groomer GK80

For anyone who wants to keep their body hair neat and tidy – this body trimmer has a unique V-shaped head to work with precision even in tight spaces, making it a great choice for grooming the bikini, groin, and buttocks. If that doesn’t say “Happy Valentine’s Day,” we don’t know what does.


Gifts For the Home Chef

When love is on the menu, you need the right appliance to bring your kitchen creations to life. Cancel those restaurant reservations and use the HomeChef 4-in-1 Multi-Oven to air fry, broil, microwave, and convection bake your next fabulous meal. Looking for some recipes that are perfect for two this February 14? Try our recipe for Roasted Veggies and Gorgonzola Gluten-free Pizza and for dessert, Matcha Cheesecake (with chocolate covered strawberries of course!) Bon Appetit!


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