The Best of CES

The Best of CES


Another Consumer Electronics Show is in the books, and at Panasonic we could not be more thrilled! The largest, most powerful tech trade show in the world was buzzing with excitement over the big energy we’re bringing into 2024. On every level – from new tech that honors our commitment to a more sustainable future, to key improvements and new releases in electronics – we’re living up to the hype. Curious about what this means for you as a consumer? Read on! 


Our Host with the Most  . . . Zen 

First, our gracious host, lovable superstar blob @itslennnie was chilling at our booth and talking up all of our sustainability programs – from our circular economy model to our partnership with Fill It Forward and how we’re giving back to the Navajo Water Project. It was good vibes all around as Lennnie spread positivity and support for our shared vision of holistic wellbeing. 


Bringing the Beauty  



Attendees were ready for their glow-up in the Panasonic booth! Our hair dryers, such as the EH-NA67-W, are uniquely powered by nanoe™ technology, prevent hair from drying out as you style—they extract moisture from the air, packing it into nanoe™ particles that can be absorbed into your hair shaft as you dry. So, we invited CES visitors to experience nanoe in all it's glory, combating frizz and bringing the glam to our guests. 



Camera Play 

Attendees went snap happy at our LUMIX portrait and video stations, where they found a unique opportunity to experience the impressive hybrid photo and video capabilities of the LUMIX S5M2. In the portrait station, we added amazing looks using color and tones pre-applied using Real Time LUT. At the video station we showed off LUMIX Open Gate technology for cropping videos or photos in social-ready format for easier posting across multiple channels.  


And, did we mention we have a new lens? Panasonic’s new 100mm macro lens – dubbed the “more than macro” macro lens – is already stunning industry insiders with its size, weight, speed and breadth of use. The new 100mm features a brand new, patented focus motor uses magnetic fields from two axes, empowering use for portrait, wildlife or even youth sports photography.  


SoundSlayer: So Satisfying 

CES visitors got a chance to discover how satisfying spatial audio can feel. We partnered with TikTok megabrand @sosatisfying, to create an incredible spatial audio experience designed specifically for the wireless SoundSlayer neck speaker. Especially calming for neurodivergent minds, this immersive experience was the perfect escape during CES. 


 What’s Hot? A Connected Kitchen! 

Something good was cooking in the Panasonic booth—specifically Garlicky Bacon Ajillo! This craveable creation was so simple to make using our HomeCHEF Connected 4-in-1 Multi-Oven plus the Magic Pot accessory.

This experience went completely next level knowing that Panasonic has partnered with the Fresco app to make delicious recipes with set-it-and-forget-it convenience. Using our new app, powered by Fresco, consumers will be able to choose a recipe and begin cooking and the 4-in-1 multi-oven will accurately set and cook each step of the recipe for you. No need to double-check the right settings—together with Fresco, your HomeChef Connected 4-in-1 Multi-Oven will microwave, bake, broil and air fry to perfection. 

While we know we had fun at CES, we can't wait to bring these products into consumer homes in 2024! 

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