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Summer Travel Tips - Our Do's and Don'ts for Your 2023 Vacation

Summer Travel Tips - Our Do's and Don'ts for Your 2023 Vacation

The summer months are here—brb, sweating—and for a lot of us that means it’s vacation and traveling season! Yes, traveling is fun, especially for those guys who pack the night before and leisurely roll out of bed a little over an hour before a scheduled flight - but for some of us it can be a little stressful too, especially when unexpected events dash our plans. But, not to worry, we’ve put together a few travel do’s and don’ts to keep your vacation chill and laid-back, just as it should be!

DON’T Overbook Yourself

Let’s start at the beginning…you know, the actual planning. This one can be found on virtually every list from traveling experts around the world (or at least the ones we follow) and it can also be one of the hardest to actually do. Time off isn’t always easy to come by and we’re also told that money doesn’t grow on trees (though we still water our money tree daily). So when you do get to book a trip, it can be tempting to try and pack as much in as possible to make sure you’re getting ALL the value. But a lot of times you end up with the opposite—not spending enough time on each portion to really appreciate it and get a feel for the culture/environment/attractions. Not to mention that a hectic traveling schedule may make you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation! So, do yourself a favor, plan less, keeping plenty of time for spontaneity—or, a well-deserved afternoon siesta!

DO Take Pictures of Your Ids/Passport

After the planning is done and you’re ready to prep, do yourself a HUGE favor and take a picture of all of your essential documents. Depending on your destination this could mean different things, but everything from Driver’s License, ID card, Passport and Insurance Cards pics are going to be super handy in the event that your wallet or personal belongings are stolen or lost. While not a substitute, the info on those cards is really helpful when you’re trying to explain your situation or get them replaced. Trust us…don’t learn the hard way on this one.

DO Pack Light

Yeah yeah, we know this one is easier than it sounds. But the thing is…it really is an amazing travel tip. The less you have to lug around with you, the easier it is to move yourself around. And guess what? We actually have some tips to go with this tip. For one, try to pack things that can be mixed and matched, so that a few core items can equal a bunch of different outfits. Also pack things that are easily washable (sorry dry clean only clothes, you’re not invited) so you can wear them multiple times if you need and send them down to your hotel’s cleaning service (or, pop them in the washer in your Airbnb. Something we can help with? Minimize your toiletry items. MultiShape allows you to reduce the need for extra bulk by pairing a singular base with your individually chosen attachments…including a toothbrush option. Oh and it has its own convenient toiletry bag (with neat pockets for each attachment), so you can throw that in your carry-on and be prepared for the unexpected!

DO Write Down the Address of Your Accommodations

Yeah, we mean break out the old school pad and paper. This one is especially important if you are somewhere that is completely unfamiliar, and even more so if you’re not staying at a well-known hotel or in a landmark area. If your phone dies or you lose internet and you have no idea how to tell your transportation how to get back, it can be a reeeeeal problem. So make a little note and tuck it somewhere safe. Worst case, you never need it, but find it in your pants pocket 3 months later and have a fond flashback to your trip.

DO Wear a Fanny Pack or Crossbody Bag

Raise your hand if you’re excited that the fanny has made a comeback! 🙋‍♂️ Not only are fanny packs and crossbodies SUPER fashionable nowadays (fashion tip: sling the fanny over your body to mimic a crossbody), but they might just be the absolute best way to keep your stuff safe while you travel. No disrespect to backpacks and purses, but in terms of overall protection of your important stuff— they just can’t hack it. Not only does having a zippered bag that fits comfortably in front of you prevent theft, but you’re also far less likely to remove it when relaxing/eating so you don’t have to worry about it being left behind or getting lost.

DO Wear Sunscreen

Alright so this one is also just a life tip, but if you’re traveling, you’re spending a lot of time outside (and if you’re not…you’re doing it wrong). The LAST thing you want is to ruin a whole trip by burning yourself to a crisp on the first day. Not only will you be more hesitant to head back outside in general, but you’ll also be uncomfortable, cranky, sore…need we say more? So just make your sunscreen part of your traveling morning ritual (it should be part of your everyday grooming routine anyway!) and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. You’re welcome.

DO Take Some Pictures…Then Pocket Your Phone

Don’t hate us for phone-shaming, but sometimes we can let experiences get away from us because we’re to busy trying to capture it. So here’s our tip – take some pictures, but don’t overdo it. Each new place/area you come to take a few great photos that you feel capture the moment…then put that thing in your fanny pack and let yourself just live. And, please, don’t get sucked into the endless scroll on TikTok. On your vacation, take a vacation from social media in general – sure you can brag post about your excursions when you come back, but when you’re out and about, enjoy your time, live in the moment and enjoy every second.

If you are lucky enough to be making some traveling plans this summer and beyond—we plan to live vicariously through you—and we hope this advice is helpful. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to travel but if you prioritize fun and safety, you’re likely in for a treat!

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