How To Style and Trim a Beard—Your Complete Guide to Beard Grooming

How To Style and Trim a Beard—Your Complete Guide to Beard Grooming

Beards are enjoying a moment in the spotlight, both as a fashion trend and a seasonal style choice in colder weather. And based on their enduring popularity in recent years, we predict that even when spring and summer roll around, beards will still be in full force. That means it’s definitely time to up your beard game!


However you choose to style your facial hair, it’s vital that you learn how to trim your beard. Luckily, with the right tips and tools, you will be able to style your beard like a master barber from the comfort of home. Let’s start at the beginning with some beard grooming basics.


Wash and Condition Your Beard

Would you use face soap to wash the hair on your head? No? So why are you using it to wash your beard?


Put down the soap and swap in a good beard shampoo and conditioner! Your beard will go from dry and unruly to hydrated and healthy, better able to lie the way you want it to. This simple change will give an instant boost to the look and feel of your beard – now you’re ready for the next steps.


Choose the Right Beard Style

Before you pick up the trimmers you need to stop and think about the style you are going for. This is not a “trim first, ask questions later” situation. Consider these critical factors:

  • Your face shape
  • How much time you have to dedicate to beard care
  • What style is a good match for your professional and personal life


There’s no right or wrong here, so feel free to play. Go get your goatee! Find your full, flowing beard! Muster your mutton chops, hearken your handlebars, slay your soul patch!  


Pick the Right Tools

A great beard doesn’t come naturally – it is sculpted by great tools. This is no job for your old disposable razor or the dutiful but worn clippers. There’s a whole world of smart shaving tools out there.


  • If you're looking to carefully sculpt a fuller beard, the Panasonic the ER-GB96 Men’s Long Beard Trimmer is a great precision option, with 58 length settings and wider blades to catch more whiskers in each stroke.
  • If your look is all about sharp lines then the Panasonic Precision Beard & Hair Trimmer ER-SB40 should be your perfect match. Its 19 precision length settings allow impressive detailing in even hard-to-reach areas.
  • If you’re looking for one tool that is ready for body and face grooming, the ER-GB80 Beard, Hair & Body Groomer is a great all-around trimmer that works wet and dry.
  • If you’re looking for an all-in-one trimming tool, MultiShape has incredible versatility. Its battery/base grip and interchangeable heads mean that this tool be customized to be used as a beard trimmer, body trimmer, even nose and ear hair trimmer. You can build your kit with more attachments – there’s even a shaver head if you ever choose to go (gasp!) clean shaven.


Brush It Out

A beard brush may seem like one of those things that will sit gathering dust in your bathroom cabinet, but trust us, it is a worthwhile investment. Brushing your beard is not only a great way to keep it looking sharp every day— it’s also an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to trimming. Brushing your beard out makes it easier to catch stray hairs and see any inconsistencies in length. Always brush your beard before you power up the clippers.


Trim Carefully

Ok, so this may sound obvious—but this is not a job to rush, particularly if you’re new to this whole beard thing. Make sure you take it one step at a time:

  • Always start with a longer guard than you need to ensure that you don’t take off more than you mean to
  • Always trim first with the grain, and then against it, to get a neat finish. Remember that for tricky areas, like parts of your mustache, you may have to use scissors to get the polished look you are going for.
  • Most beards have varied hair lengths on different parts of the face. Leaving a little more fullness around the cheeks can create an evenly-balanced look.


Beard trimming is something that is unique to every man and you probably aren’t going to get things exactly right first time. So, go slowly, and carefully, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little to find the technique and look that works for you.


Create a Neat Neckline

Nothing ruins a good beard like the straggly neckline. It's the touch that tunes your look from lost in the woods to designer facial hair. There are a few options for length and style, and you can choose a graduated neckline rather than a hard stop. But make sure you take the time to create a neat finish.


Invest in Beard Oil

For the ultimate finishing touch, don’t skip good beard oil. Oil neatens and smooths facial hair to create a polished finish. There some great-smelling options available—use the oil alongside your beard brush for the ultimate final touch.


Ready to update your beard look and searching for the right tools? Explored the Panasonic online store to find a range of trimmers, shavers, and precision tools for every style.

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