Not for Bread Alone: 5 Surprising Things You Can Make in Your Breadmaker

Not for Bread Alone: 5 Surprising Things You Can Make in Your Breadmaker

Julia Child noted that “The art of bread making can become a consuming hobby,” and as the makers of the SD-R2550 Automatic Bread Maker, we could not agree more! But did you know that your bread maker can do more than just make your favorite warm, aromatic breads? This trusty appliance can have a place of honor on your countertop, for everything from flavorful homemade jam to fresh pizza and pasta. And it’s a great appliance for gluten-free cooking, too – celiac-friendly recipes are at your fingertips.

Unleash the true potential of your bread maker by making unforgettable dishes that go beyond bread!

Gluten Free Cake

Your bread machine is ready for gluten-free baking with dedicated menu options that make celiac-friendly breads and cakes. This treat is freshly prepared and tailored specifically to your dietary needs or tastes. Use Menu 8 (Gluten-Free Cake) and follow the recipe for Gluten-Free Banana Cake included with your bread machine—recipes are provided for heavenly chocolate cake and tea cake, too! Any homemade cake will pair perfectly with that well-earned afternoon cup of tea and become a popular dessert for the whole family.


Fresh Jam

Your bread machine has so many hidden talents–it is also the perfect appliance for making irresistible homemade jams and compotes. Amazing on hot, buttered toast or freshly baked rustic scones, or as a filling for your favorite homemade cakes, jam is a breeze to make with your bread maker’s dedicated jam programs and nonstick inner pan. Experiment with all of your favorite fruits to make jams and compotes without needing to work over a hot stove—a definite plus that will keep you busy throughout the year!


Pizza Dough (Regular and Gluten Free)

Why order expensive pizza delivery when fresh, high-quality pizza can be made at home in just a few simple steps? The dedicated setting on your bread maker for both regular and gluten-free pizza dough makes it so easy. Consult the recipes included with your bread maker to go from a handful of ingredients to dough that’s ready for your favorite toppings in just 45 minutes. When you smell that fresh pizza baking, made just the way you like it, pizza night will become an in-demand event for the whole family.  


Pasta (Regular and Gluten Free)

Have you ever yearned to make your own pasta but been put off by the idea of kneading it just right, not to mention clearing up afterwards? You might be surprised to learn that your bread bakery has pasta and gluten-free pasta programs for that very reason. All you need to do is add your ingredients, select your desired program, and let the bread maker do all the hard work.



hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns

These spiced, sweet classics are the perfect breakfast treat, or a companion for afternoon tea or coffee. Your bread maker will prepare the dough perfectly using its dedicated menu setting, with a fruit and nut dispenser that ensures an even placement of these sweet and savory add-ins. Once you take a bite of these freshly baked buns, they will be on the menu permanently! 

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