Baby Monitors

Keep a safe eye on baby

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Keep a watchful eye on baby, even in large homes and when outside, with our smart, flexible monitors–exceptionally sensitive to motion, sound, and heat, they send secure alerts to ensure your baby's well-being.

Extra-Long Range

Powerful DECT technology ensures clear, secure (no Wi-Fi required!) and interference-free signal strength up to 1500 feet. More than the length of four football fields.

Soothing Sounds

A built-in sound library provides a choice of lullabies or white noises to calm baby to help them sleep restfully.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Get the best view of baby with remote pan, tilt and zoom. Plus monochrome night vision gives you a clear eye on sleeping toddlers.

Live Your Life

Battery life and signal range often force parents to alter their lives to accommodate the monitor. With long battery life and interference-free ultra-long range, the Panasonic Baby Monitor lets parents live their lives and still always know their little one is safe and content.

Add up to 3 Additional Cameras

Grow Your System

We've made it easy to add additional cameras to other rooms in your home, or additional cameras to your baby monitor system as your family grows. Add up to 3 additional cameras to your main system

*Images depicted on the Panasonic baby monitor are simulated for illustration purposes only.