Bluetooth Barcode and QR Code Compatibility

A Volume Photographer captures thousands of school and team portraits, corporate headshots, and even amusement parks and cruise ships. Organization and consistency are required to minimize time spent in post processing.



No more post production searches for lost data files

  • Streamline your entire workflow
  • Embed student identifying data into the photo file
  • Ensure consistent framing on photo day
  • Compatible with the most popular volume photography applications and photo labs

Compatible with Opticon for Reliability

Worry-free photo organization

Panasonic has partnered with Opticon to integrate their OPN-2006 Barcode and PX-20 QR/Barcode scanners

  • Create your student identifier QR or Barcodes ahead of your shoot
  • Scan the subject's code and verify on the camera LCD that the numbers match
  • All photos taken after will have this code embedded into the file

How it Works

Generate and print QR/Barcodes by uploading customer provided data into software on PC or to a lab website

Scan the barcode with an Opticon scanner and the data is instantly embedded into the photo files

Upload to a photo lab or process locally. The files are already organized for easy printing and delivery.

Minimize post processing and cropping with specialized masks.

Sports Portrait Mask

Default setting allows the yellow line to be used for your subject’s head and the white line is the center of the frame. These lines can be moved for creative control before you begin your photo session. Create consistency in framing by moving the yellow line or white line for prop placement. This works great for poster portraits as well.

Yellow Lines – Top of head
White Line – Prop placement
Green Box – 8x10 print
Orange Box – 5x7 print
Orange Box 2 – 5x7 crop of 8x10

Portrait Mask

Designed to ensure consistent head size and placement. Masks for portrait, medium and 3/4 framing are available.

Red Oval – Head frame
Green Box – 8x10 print
Orange Box – 5x7 crop of 8x10

Group Mask

Designed to show printing options.

Orange Box – 5x7 crop
Green Box – 8x10 print
Yellow Box – 5x7 crop of 8x10

Seamlessly Integrates into Your Workflow

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Wirelessly connect your cameras

The S5II and S5IIX are capable of uploading to a NAS Drive over WiFi in real time for added file redundancy, and quicker turnaround

  • All QR/Barcode data will be intact in the photo files
  • Multiple cameras can be on network at once, sending their folders directly into your preferred organization system
  • Files also save to the SD card slot as a backup copy
  • Quickly access photo files for culling and editing

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