For home, for business, Panasonic phones are easy to use, with the technology features that will make your communication more convenient.

Communication Convenience

Link2Cell technology that allows you to make and receive mobile calls on your home phone handset. Advanced call blocking features to help you avoid nuisance callers. Ease of use, and expandability. This is Panasonic home and business communication - a smarter way to keep connected.

Link2Cell Technology

Say goodbye to cellphone dead zones. Place your cellphone where you get the best reception, then pair with Panasonic phones via Bluetooth to make and receive mobile calls anywhere in the home - no landline required!

Link2Cell Phone Models

Advanced Call Blocking

Talk to people, not computers. Automated Call Block pre-blocks robocalls; Telemarketing Call Block lets you to block announced callers; block even more with 1-touch Call Block Button.

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Hear Clearer

You can hear them now! Panasonic Amplified Phones have louder voice volume, louder ring volumes and are hearing-aid compatible.

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Phones Made for Business

When one line just isn't enough for your growing business, Panasonic has got you covered with two and four-line business phone systems.

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Need Help Finding Additional Handsets?

Panasonic phone system grows when you need it. Use our handset finder to expand your home and business phones with compatible accessory handsets

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