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Firmware Update for S5II and S5IIX


Speed up Your Deliverables | Streamline Your Workflow | Collaborate in Real Time

With this firmware update, LUMIX makes it easier than ever for professionals to deliver assets quickly and flawlessly.  The seamless workflow, with increased speed and flexibility, facilitates client work at every stage, with powerful app and device integrations to ensure success.

You bring your vision–we've got the rest.

Turbocharged Social Media

From their win to your newsfeed within minutes—cover sports, news, events, and awards ceremonies in real time, with fast delivery of assets.

Same-Day Deliverables

When covering weddings, family functions and ceremonies, you can now deliver same-day social photos and videos and get a head start on your final edit.

Marketing Assets in Real Time

Take those jobs that would normally require travel knowing your clients can see and approve the assets within minutes of their creation.

Fast-track Your Editing

With assets easily accessible in the cloud, you can work quickly with editors regardless of their location.

How it Works

Create your project in, be sure to turn on C2C Connections in the project.

Connect your camera to and add your six-digit code to the project.

Select the file types (Video, JPEG
and RAW) you want to upload.


Faster Uploads

Record ProRes or 4K video files to one memory card or SSD
while you capture a duplicate 1080p 10bit HEVC file by proxy so that the smaller file can go to the cloud for quick edits and client approvals.


Automatic Backups

Transfer JPEG, RAW or both directly to your Camera to Cloud projects, allowing you to send social-media-sized files even faster and back up your files while on the go.


Real Time LUT

Get amazing-looking images quickly for social and still have master files. Real-Time LUT allows you to apply a custom color look to your Proxy and JPEG files, leaving your master video file and RAW photos untouched for future creative control.

Download LUTs ›


Fast, accurate Phase Hybrid AF, designed for photo and video excellence.


Everything the S5II offers with added features for movie production and live broadcasting.

The S5II Firmware update 3.0 and S5IIX Firmware update 2.0 introduce new features and various enhancements.

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