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Looking for the Best Christmas Gift for Him? Here are our Top Grooming Gifts

Panasonic ARC5 Men's Shaver with gift box

Let's face it, shopping for the guy in your life is never easy?  Luckily, we've got the best grooming gifts around. 

The holiday gift that keeps on giving a smooth, easy shave all year round

For your “Christmas Gift Ideas” list—If you know someone who needs a powerful, gentle shaver, the superior craftmanship behind the ES-LV97 ARC5 Men's Shaver is based on the art of Japanese sword making, meaning it can tackle the thickest stubble close to the root so you remain stubble free for up to eight hours. These blades and foils won’t blunt or cause skin irritation either, with innovative technology built in:

  • For a shave that is personal to your facial contours, stubble thickness and density, the ES-LV97 uses responsive beard sensor technology. This boosts power where beard growth is heavy and reduces it in other areas to prevent skin irritation
  • All kinds of stubble can be tackled with the specially designed Arc 5 blades: the Quick Slit Blade is made for pre-cutting of long hairs, the Quick Lift Foil lifts up flat-lying hairs and a Finishing Foil gives longer hairs a second, closer cut
  • The Multi-Flex head moves in 16 directions independently and follows the contours of the face and neck


A Christmas tech gift perfect for maintaining 5pm shadow

Want to keep the perfect length of stubble for longer than just one day? Check out the ER-GB80-S Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer, a durable trimmer that can be used across dense beards, hair, and body. Really easy to use, it will give you all the control you need to keep your look in trim, and it will give you impressive results:

  • The ER-GB80 is a durable device that can be used across dense beards, hair and body. It’s simple to control for a precise trim
  • For stunning results, the trimmer includes sharp 45° nano-polished stainless-steel blades, which are made using the latest Japanese blade technology. The durable and sharp cutting edges are designed to tackle all hair types with ease – from fine and unruly, to thick and dense
  • With 39 length settings for any style you want, it’s easy to achieve your ideal look—you can quickly adjust the cutting length using our easy dial in small intervals up to 39 steps. For beards: 0.5*- 10 mm, 20 steps, intervals of 0.5 mm. For hair: 11-20 mm, 19 steps, intervals of 0.5 mm


The perfect gift for keeping a beard trim

Anyone who has ever grown a beard understands the feeling of anxiety that can arise when a trim is needed. Luckily Panasonic developed the ER-GB96-K Long Beard Trimmer, a beard trimmer designed for all types of beards. Users have ultimate control over any length of facial hair, meaning you can trim using a powerful cutting system that will deliver precision results whatever your style.

  • Three attachments provide users with 58 cutting lengths from 0.5 to 30mm with intervals of 0.5mm
  • Easily portable the GB86 is built for life on the move and can be transported easily in its travel pouch for use before any occasion
  • Perfect for use in wet and dry conditions, the trimmer delivers a powerful cut catching more whiskers in one single stroke whether being used on short, medium or long beards

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