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Five Reasons Why a Compact Stereo System is the Ultimate Christmas Tech Gift

Five Reasons Why a Compact Stereo System is the Ultimate Christmas Tech Gift

Days of the boombox may be long gone, but there’s always going to be something satisfying about an all-in-one sound system that fits neatly on your shelf. And now that CD sales are up*, it’s even more appealing to have a single unit that lets you stream from your phone, play CDs, and listen to the radio, all in high-quality sound.


That’s why, with its compact size and reasonable price tag, the Panasonic PM700 isn’t just another cool gadget, but a potential game-changer for your living room, home office, or bedroom. It’s an easy add-on to your list of birthday gift ideas or unique gifts for the holidays.

The Reviews are In: the Sound is Fantastic

"The small size of the PM700 belies a sound worthy of larger systems, with a 10 cm woofer that delivers deep, distortion-free bass, and a 6 cm tweeter to produce expansive high notes. The total output power of 80W(40W+40W), delivering sound that is powerful and clear.Awesome sound!!![Five stars] –James, Amazon


Ready to Stream from Your Phone

No need for a nest of cords and cables! An easy-to-use interface and wireless Bluetooth connection makes the PM700 a natural choice to stream your music or podcasts. A built-in USB drive lets you plug and play from your flash drive, too. So when you’re


Sound the Way You Want It

Whether you’re a deep bass lover or prefer to lean in on the treble, PM700 has you covered. Its simple interface has Bass and Treble knob, as well as "My Sound" presets so you can tailor your sound to exactly how you want it and adjust it from your remote control.


Clear Sound with Sound Remastering Technology

Not boomy or tinny – the PM700 gives incredibly clear, rich sound and distortion-free playback, thanks to remastering technology that resolves issues such as AC power supply noise.


It Looks Great

PM100 is made to be on your shelf display, with a sleek black minimalist design that fits right in anywhere. Put in in the kitchen to keep the tunes going as you prep your meals, or keep one in the home office to listen to the radio as you work.



*“CD Sales Are Up and Merch Tables May Be the Reason,” Billboard, 4/3/23

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