Turn Leftovers into Nextovers: A Delicious Way to Feed the Fam

Turn Leftovers into Nextovers: A Delicious Way to Feed the Fam

As the year comes to a close, holiday leftovers aren’t just a meal—they become a next-day event. And, after another day or two, they become a chore. After that, they run the risk of becoming trash. But with some planning, you can show your leftovers some love, saving food and money.


Your new creations—we call them “nextovers”—will keep you and your loved ones satisfied for days by putting a fresh spin on leftover foods.


Leftover Recipes for Your Holiday Favorites: Let’s look at common holiday mains and sides that can become nextovers with just a few simple steps.



Potatoes, but Make it Fashion


The food: Whole potato

The challenge: make more than a loaded potato recipe

The solution: Easy Hassleback Potatoes



It takes just garlic butter, parmesan, and chives to take a plain potato from zero to hero. Simply modify this baked potato recipe to adjust for the fact that the potato is already cooked: If you’re using a Panasonic HomeCHEF 4-in-1 MultiOven, you can microwave and/or convection bake just long enough to heat through the center of the potato, and use the broiler to brown those edges. More than just a simple spud, this seasoned potato bursts with flavor.



Shepherd’s Pie: The Star of the Show


The foods: mashed potatoes, meat, vegetables

The challenge: Find a family meal that kids and adults will love

The solution: Simple Shepherd’s Pie


This comforting meal is perfect for that post-holiday coziness. And by using up three kinds of ingredients at once--aromatic veggies, savory meat, and mild potatoes -- it is quick to become the MVP of your holiday nextover meal plan.



Meat that is Anything but Plain


The meat: Chicken

The challenge: It’s Chicken

Solution 1: Spring Chicken Salad


Freshen up your leftover chicken on a bed of greens and vegetables, for an easy and healthy lunch or dinner. This is a great light dish to start the new year healthy.


Solution 2: Shredded Chicken Tacos

A quick reheat in the microwave and a pairing with fresh ingredients and spices makes this leftover chicken recipe an easy nextover reinvention. Great recipe for Taco Tuesday or any night!


Do YOU have a favorite holiday leftover recipe? Share it with us in the comments below!

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