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Traveling Advice for Every Type of Trip

Traveling Advice for Every Type of Trip

While summer may be in its final weeks, traveling is something a lot of us do year-round. And whether it be for business or pleasure, a short getaway or an extended holiday, making things a little easier on yourself is just a good idea. So, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite recommendations to help you navigate any trip life throws at you (and if we’re throwing trips around, feel free to toss one our way).

The Weekend Getaway

Who doesn’t love squeezing in a quick trip to break up the weekly grind? A weekend away can be such a relief after a long work week, but sometimes, just sometimes it’s more of a hassle than not. How much do I pack? What if I don’t have something I need? What’s the traffic going to look like? We get it! But the number one tip for a short trip? Pack light enough to fit everything in a carryon. If you’re driving somewhere, you’ll save plenty of space to load up with luggage for your travel companions and if you’re flying, the last thing you want is a lost bag and the chaos that comes with it. A great way to pack light is to condense each packing category. Toiletries—only pack what you use EVERY morning and night. If it’s a every other day or weekly thing, do it the night before the trip and let that last you the few days. Clothes—pack mix and match items so that a few things can become multiple outfits. Accessories—round up the things you can’t live without (i.e. hats, belts etc) and try to wear as much as you can on the plane so it doesn’t have to be packed at all. You may not win a style award for this, but you’ll get gold star for efficiency! Keeping it organized and simple is going to ensure you can enjoy every minute of your short adventure.   

The Work Trip

This one may be less fun than a leisure trip, but it doesn’t have to be more stressful! When work is involved most of us get a little more on edge about the dreaded “forgotten item” (because let’s be real, a nice suit isn’t something you can just run out and buy last minute). So, number one work trip tip? Gather the things (clothes, shoes, materials etc.) that you cannot do your job without and pack them all in a carryon that will not leave your side—think duffle, backpack or hanging bag. Knowing those key pieces are safe will help give you some peace of mind. Tip two, plan for the worst. Even the best laid plans don’t always work out. So do a little research before your trip to see where the closest drug store, clothing store, print/ship store etc. is to your hotel. If getting to a store isn’t an option, call your hotel ahead of time and see what amenities and services they offer. A little preparation here is going to go a long way. After all, if they have a laundering service, you may not have to sweat that ink stain!

The Long Haul

The great thing about a long trip is that there is more time to relax, more time to enjoy, and more time to deal with mishaps should they occur. The bad thing—trying to pack everything you could possibly need into a portable bag. So, number one long trip tip? Map out your days and so you’ll know what you’ll need each day. If your trip involves a fancy evening, your shaving kit may make a jump from optional to crucial. Of course if you’re using a groomer like MultiShape, you can add that shaving attachment without taking up valuable real estate in your bag…AND have a nose hair trimmer and electric toothbrush in one….just saying. But overall, giving your schedule some advance thought can help prevent overpacking, while still making sure you’ve got what you need.

At the end of the day, traveling of any kind will have its ups and downs. But hopefully these few tips can help ease some stress and keep the focus on enjoying the journey!

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