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Holiday Gifts for the Guy in Your Life – Grooming Gifts They’ll Love!

Holiday Gifts for the Guy in Your Life – Grooming Gifts They’ll Love!

‘Tis the season for gifts and giving! We know it can be hard to choose the perfect gifts for men, but we’re here to help make that process just a little bit easier (so you can focus on gifts for mom instead!). Here’s what we can tell you - Panasonic MultiShape is the perfect gift for dad, gift for husband, gift for boyfriend, and more! Why? Well, it’s a fully customizable grooming system – so you can purchase a kit for that lucky someone, and then gift them with more attachments as other big holidays come - Happy Birthday to them indeed!

Each of our recommended kits are curated to match a specific grooming need. So, whether the guy in your life is clean-shaven, has a little bit of scruff, or just wants a personal care device that can make his travels a bit easier- Panasonic MultiShape has got them covered – from head, to toe!

The Ultimate Gift for the Ultimate Guy - The Ultimate All-in-One Kit

Want to show dad how much you really care? Want to impress your husband with the best gift ever? Look no further…

The MultiShape Ultimate All-in-One Grooming Kit has got all the bells and whistles a man needs to stay well groomed – at home, or away. Shave, trim and more – this kit will keep a man styled no matter what his…style! The 3-Blade foil shaver will keep that stubble at bay, cruising through that 5 o’clock shadow like butter and leaving behind a smooth, clean-shaven face. When it’s time to trim up, the Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer has got him covered from head to toe – really! It’s designed to keep all his hair in check, with adjustable length settings that will keep him styled whatever way he wants. A longer, fuller head of hair? No problem. A short buzz cut? He can create that too. He can even trim that nose hair and shape up eyebrows with the Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer attachment.

The icing on the cake? The MultiShape MultiShape Ultimate All-in-One Grooming Kit also comes with a toothbrush attachment, so his personal care routine will be fully covered! Now THAT’S what we call a great gift! Dare we say…it’s the perfect gift for the man who has everything!

The Best Christmas Gift for the Polished Guy – The Clean Cut Kit

He’s stylish, he’s refined – he likes to keep his face bare for that smooth feel all over. The MultiShape Clean Cut Kit has just the right essentials for the guy who likes to stay clean shaven…and wants to add more to his personal care routine too! Sure, the 3-Blade Foil Shaver for men is the star of this kit (did we mention our shaver head has hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades that help prevent irritation?) – but this kit has a few other tricks up it’s sleeve. First, the Ear, Nose and Eyebrow trimmer – because a man with a clean-shave tends to pay attention to the little details too! And, we’ve got the Toothbrush attachment to keep those pearly whites clean. It comes with two brush types to fit his oral care comfort. The best part about this kit (and all the MultiShape kits) – one main base unit….one charger….less clutter….and a more streamlined grooming routine!

A Present for the Guy Who Loves His Beard – The Precision Trimming Kit

Have a guy in your life who loves his scruff? We dig it, and he’ll dig the MultiShape Precision Trimming Kit! It’s got just the essentials to trim up from head to toe. The wide-blade Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer uses precision-honed blades to cut even thick, dense hair with ease. It’s perfect for those with full heads of hair, dense beards and those who want to trim all around their body. Four comb attachments combine with an adjustable dial to provide up to 58 cutting lengths. Plus, it’s got the Ear, Nose and Eyebrow attachment to keep his trimming game fresh.

Our #1 Gift for Teens – The Beard & Hair Trim Starter Kit

One of the coolest parts about MultiShape is the versatility of the tool. It’s modular design allows for an easy click-in, click-out changing of attachments. That’s why this starter kit is perfect for a teen. The Beard & Hair Trimmer attachment uses a narrow base to provides sculpted detail to facial hair. The unit is fully waterproof and the modular design allows for attachments to be added as their style evolves. It’s ideal when they need to save space in their dorm room, without sacrificing their personal care routine.

Bonus! For every purchase over $100, you’ll score a FREE Toiletry Pouch. It’s the ultimate stocking stuffer that can be loaded with all the great MultiShape goodies that the guy in your life is receiving! It’s equipped pockets for each attachment, to help make staying organized, especially while traveling, that much easier.

So what are you waiting for? Stop thinking about what to get a man for Christmas, and start crossing those names off your list!

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