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Father’s Day Gifting Guide – Part Duex!

Father’s Day Gifting Guide – Part Duex!

We’re back, with another edition of: Finding the perfect Father’s Day Gift! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, buying for dad can be tricky. Dads are notorious for buying everything they want for themselves, or not wanting anything at all. Then you go down that rabbit whole of go-to gifts – and believe it or not some dads want something other than a tie. (We promise he still loves the first 18 you got him, though.) So, if you’re still struggling to find a great gift for papa, we’ve compiled another great list of ideas (missed the first one? Read it here) to complement most of the dads out there. And if none of these things work, may we suggest…quality time?

Gifts for the Techy Dad

Techy dads — you know them, love them, and always call them when your electronics aren’t working. Depending on their tech habit, these guys might fall into the category of “always buy stuff for themselves” but if there is that something they either haven’t splurged on or need to upgrade, now is the time to show him how much you support his geeky side. Maybe you’ll want to opt for the latest and greatest pair of Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds from Technics (truly, legendary sound), or maybe the latest VR headset. Or, keep it simple with a new outdoor speaker to set-up next to the grill. Pro tip here: next time you’re with or talking to your dad ask him about purchasing one of these for yourself and gauge his reaction. Nothing like a little “dad advice” to let you in on his real feelings.

Presents for the Stylish Dad

Ahh the stylish dad—wouldn’t be caught dead in socks with slides, and actually knows what it means to accessorize. We will say, you have to be careful with this one, as stylish Dads can be particular about their stuff. And please, do not buy this man a tie. Instead, scope out their closet for brands that appear more than once, and check on sizes too. Something from his favorite store/brand is sure to thrill him (and worst-case scenario, he can always return for something else he wants). If you happen to get lucky and hear him talk about something he’s been eyeing, make a note to buy it later, and let your siblings/mother/anyone who might also be buying for him that you’re already on it…and they are out of luck.

Stylish Gifts for the Well-Groomed Dad

Is it just us or does everyone have a favorite memory of their dad’s facial hair? (Sorry, not sorry—we loved the 80s mustache.) While he may not be rocking that iconic look anymore, he’s definitely still meticulous about his current style and keeps that thing manicured to a fault. Luckily for him, we’re past the days where the upkeep is a huge chore. Cutting edge (no pun intended) technology and tools like MultiShape make grooming an absolute breeze with one base system and every attachment he could possibly need, all in one convenient grooming device. He may think his old razor and a beard comb are cutting it (ok, that pun was intended), but this Father’s Day may be the perfect time to give that man the upgrade he deserves.

Cool Gifts for the Sporty Dad

In terms of gifting in general, sporty dads are the holy grail. In fact, if you have a sporty dad, we’re kind of surprised you’re even here. There is just so much gear around sports and teams these days that the possibilities are endless, and ever-changing. Golf dad—always needs tees and balls. Baseball dad—hats, jerseys, gloves…tickets! Football dad—ok this is kind of the same as baseball. But the point is, regardless of the sport of interest, you’ve got options! And even if it seems like they already have everything possible related to said sport, we can promise you they want more.

Gift Ideas for the Sentimental Dad

One word— customized. Between sites like Etsy and every other social media ad you get these days, you can get practically ANYTHING customized. The great thing about this category, is it often overlaps with the others, meaning you can customize something that complements his lifestyle or hobbies. Engrave a belt, wallet or watch for the stylish dad. Personalize sporty dad’s equipment with a cute quote or the names of his kids/grandkids. Upgrade electronics by adding their initials/name (most products these days have this option, but you can also have it done yourself). The options are truly endless. And even if you have the dad who wants for nothing at all, he certainly isn’t turning down a thoughtful gift that has been made just for him.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that Father’s Day isn’t all about the gifts. And while we may have joked about it before, quality time probably is the best thing you can give the father in your life. But if you do feel like a little something is in order, the thoughtfulness behind a gift he’ll really love will mean a lot.

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