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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Grooming Routine More Earth Friendly

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Grooming Routine More Earth Friendly

When it comes to men's grooming, building a kit translates into buying products... typically, a whole lot of them. Over time, many of us end up filling an entire vanity drawer with a small army of equipment: multi-packs of simple disposable razors, an electric shaver, beard trimmer, electric toothbrush, nose and ear hair trimmer, and more. And when these tools become dull with use or otherwise go on the fritz, we thank them for their service and retire them to the trash.

But that way of life just doesn’t work anymore. Knowing the harm that plastic, metal, and batteries can cause to the earth when they pile up in landfill, we need to pause to rethink the demands of everyday manscaping and come up with a better way. The best part? These changes are minor, but carry significant impact!

We’ve boiled it down to 5 simple ways you can make your shaving and grooming easy on the earth–with some significant side benefits of being gentle on your skin and light on your wallet.

Ditch the disposable razors!

Step 1 is so simple but so key: be like Dylan at Newport and go electric. Grooming technology has evolved to the point where you can use an electric razor to get a shave that rivals that of a straight razor, but gives you the added benefit of product longevity. Buying a single, high-quality tool that you use every day for years doesn’t just give you a great shave or trim, it is a terrific return on investment.

Choose one grooming device with many functions

When you open that vanity drawer in your bathroom and see six different grooming products with their cords intertwined, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a better way! At Panasonic, we definitely did–and that’s what led to the development of the MultiShape personal care system. This standalone, sleek, cordless, rechargeable tool covers everything from shaving your face and body trimming to brushing your teeth, and more! Simply snap any of the interchangeable heads on to the rechargeable base – sold individually, or together in curated kits–for a unique-to-you grooming experience. Using a single device significantly lessens the amount of metal, plastic, and batteries needed to keep you looking and feeling great.

Replace blades and foils, not whole electronics

When it comes to keeping devices out of the landfill, choosing a shaving or grooming device that allows you to replace the blades and foils, rather than the whole unit, is clutch. Opting into an auto-replenishment program ensures that you won’t even have to wait for the blade or foil to become dull or pitted–a fresh, sharp unit is always queued up and ready to rock your look. This simple setup vastly reduces the amount of product that is discarded, which is music to our ears!

Try a dry shave

We’ve all been there – over the sink, shaving with our disposable (or even electric) razor and we keep the water running with each stroke to clean off that shaving foam. A simple trick that will save hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water a year – turn off your faucet! With an electric razor, you can get as close of a shave dry – without the irritation and razor burn that you might get with a disposable or straight razor. If you’re not ready for a completely dry shave, go ahead and pat some water on your face or apply a very thin layer of lather, but keep your faucet off unless you need a quick rinse of your blade.

Don’t trash your device – recycle it!

Did you know that in the United States alone, each year around 7 million tons of electronic devices end up in a landfill? That’s plastic and metals that will take thousands of years to degrade, and batteries that may contaminate land. So, after your long, fruitful relationship with your device has come to a conclusion, it’s worth seeking out recycling options. At Panasonic we’ve made it easy for everyone – whether you use our products or not! Check out our newly-launched recycling initiative, making the earth less burdened, making your life easier, and making good on our mission to be an environmentally responsible,

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