The Sonic Solution Compact, Versatile, Powerful

Commercial Food Service: Sonic Solutions

As the pandemic turned the food industry upside down, kitchen operators worldwide are reassessing the best ways of running their business. See how the Panasonic Sonic Solution can streamline and optimize equipment for smaller spaces and help you turn the key to unlock the new future of food service kitchens.

The SonicChef High-Speed Oven

A versatile, easy-to-use high speed oven designed for any commercial kitchen, front of house or back, that needs fast, efficient cooking. The SonicChef combines 3 cooking technologies— convection, twin “inverter” microwave and broil — in 6 combinations for fast, delicious results.

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See the Sonic Chef High-Speed Oven in Action

From pizza to pulled pork sandwiches, the Sonic Chef High-Speed Oven makes hundreds of favorites for food service establishments.

Get some quick tips and tricks for our most popular functions on the Sonic Chef High-Speed Oven.

SonicChef Sonic Steamer

Our portable, programmable commercial microwave steamer has a 1.6 cu.ft. capacity to hold 2 full-size 4”- deep pans with 16 -memory capability, 5 power levels, and 3-stage cooking, with 2 top and 2 bottom heating elements. All this with no water line, drain line or reservoir needed and no hood required.

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See the Sonic Chef Sonic Steamer in Action

From soup, to bacon and even cakes, it's easy to cook using the Sonic Chef Sonic Steamer.