PRO2 Sonic Steamer Steam Oven, 2100W

SKU: NE-2180
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Ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens, cafeterias, banquets and catering halls and more, the Panasonic Sonic Steamer is a ventless steam oven that provides precise heat for perfectly cooked food. Includes 4 microwave levels, and 2-level cooking with removable shelf. A programmable touchpad has 16 presets.

Product Highlights

Schools, Hospitals, Corporations

Fresh, high-quality dishes level up the food service experience


Quick and easy food prep to satisfy busy to-go customers

Hotels, Halls

Flavorful, memorable meals on a large scale for weddings and corporate events

Restaurants and Ghost Kitchens

From order to plate in record time, for both dine-in guests and delivery

Heavy Duty Steam Oven

This portable, programmable commercial steamer is fast and efficient, with four heating elements providing precise heat for perfectly cooked food. It's the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen.

Large Capacity Steamer with Removable Shelf

Featuring a generous 1.6 cubic foot capacity and a powerful heating element, this versatile steam oven is equipped with a removable shelf, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Designed to accommodate two 1/1 Gastronorm pans, it's perfect for high-volume cooking needs in hospitals, groceries, food manufacturing, factories, industrial catering, cafeterias, and beyond.

No Water Line, Reservoir, or Hood Required

Place this commercial steamer anywhere in your kitchen -- it functions without the limitation of clumsy hookups, giving you tremendous flexibility.

3-stage Cooking with 1-Step Setting

3-stage cooking lets you set different times and wattages in one cooking cycle. You can enter settings in one step, so you don’t have to keep changing them while cooking. And you can save time by storing as many as 16 recipes for quick, easy cooking.

Healthy Cooking

Research shows that steaming vegetables retains the highest amount of nutrients, making the Sonic Steamer a healthy choice.*

Easy Clean Up

ETL Listed

NSF Certified

UL Listed


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