Baby Monitor Add-on Camera

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Now, your baby monitor can grow with your family. This add-on Camera Baby Monitor is compatible with the KX-HN4001W and KX-HN4101W. Wide-eyed camera is wall-mountable and with remote pan, tilt & zoom to keep an eye on babies and toddlers from any angle. Microphones and speakers in the camera allow for 2-way talk, soothing sounds and white noise. Also equipped with motion and temperature sensors.

See Everything

Wide-eye, wall-mountable monochrome night-vision camera allows you to keep an eye on baby and toddlers throughout the room. With a button on the monitor, you can pan, tilt and zoom to look in on your child anytime.

Soothing Sounds

Eliminate the need for a sound machine. The monitor includes a built-in sound library for a choice of relaxing lullabies or soothing white noise to calm baby and help them, and you, sleep restfully.

Wall Mountable

The baby monitor camera sits on any surface, or mount it on the wall for a better viewing angle. The extra-long cord ensures you can mount at the top of your 8-ft ceiling, with slack to spare.

Product Specifications: Video Camera


Approx. ±136°


Approx. 0° to -44°



Image Sensor

0.3 megapixel CMOS

Camera Resolution

640 x 480 pixel (VGA)

Pair with the Panasonic Baby Monitor

Grow your baby monitor with your family, or add cameras to other rooms in your home - the Panasonic Baby Monitor connects to up to four cameras.

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