MultiShape Electric Toothbrush Head

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  • Electric Toothbrush Head: Designed for use at home or on the go
  • Included two brush types: Choose from two brush type (Extra-Fine and Multi-Fit) for your most comfortable cleaning experience
  • Sonic vibration technology: Deep cleans teeth and periodontal pockets
  • Base unit sold separately
  • Product dimensions (HxWxD): 4.65 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches *without cap
  • Product weight: 0.88 ounces *without cap"

      A Grooming Device that Evolves with You

      Panasonic MultiShape is a modular personal care system that is completely customizable so you can choose only what you need. Featuring a cordless, rechargeable base, wet/dry performance and an array of personal care attachments designed to fit your needs, MultiShape is designed to be the last grooming device you'll ever need.

      Did we mention sustainability? One device with multiple attachments that you choose based on your needs means less electronic devices and attachments cluttering your bathroom, and less waste in landfills.

      A Healthy Looking Smile Starts Here

      Designed to help keep your smile looking healthy, the high-performance MultiShape Toothbrush inclues two types of brush heads and sonic vibration technology to provide you with an optimal clean at home or on the go.

      *base unit sold separately

      Sonic Vibration for a Deep Clean

      Gentle sonic vibrations clean plaque from teeth and deep within periodontal pockets, minimizing the burden on teeth and gums.

      Multi-Fit Brush with Triple Edged Bristles

      Unique Multi-Fit Brush is designed with tufts of flat bristles on both the edges and the middle of the brush to thoroughly clean the surface of teeth.

      Extra-Fine Brush for a Deep Clean

      Designed with ultra-thin bristles, the Extra-Fine Brush reaches deep into periodontal pockets to remove hidden plaque and bacteria for a thorough clean on even the most sensitive teeth and gums.

      Easy to Clean

      Toothbrush heads easily detach from the connector and clean under running water to ensure optimal hygiene for your full MultiShape system.

      Quick Charging for Extended Use

      The Toothbrush Attachment can be used in combination with the MultiShape Base Unit (ER-CBL1 or ER-CBN1)*2. A quick 1-hour charge provides up to 110 minutes of use*1 with the ER-CBL base unit and approximately 70 minutes of use with the ER-CBN1 base unit.

      *1 Based on dry usage at 20-30 °C*2 base units sold separately

      Travel Friendly Design with a Protective Cap

      Perfect for both home and travel, MultiShape is compatible with multiple interchangeable heads and chargers so you can choose the attachments that suit your look. Each MultiShape Toothbrush head has a protective cap and fits safely and neatly inside your carry bag. Enjoy one high-performing, endlessly versatile system for all your personal care needs.

      *base unit, accessories and pouch in the photo are sold separately

      Build Your Own MultiShape

      Choose the attachments to fit your
      individual needshowever
      your style evolves.

      Build a Kit

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