Stereo System with CD, Bluetooth and Radio, 80W

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Experience your music in full clarity and richness, even when space is tight, with this compact, all-in-one stereo system that will fit anywhere. Whether you're playing a CD, the radio, or Bluetooth® streaming from your smartphone, the PM700 delivers high-quality sound through powerful stereo speakers with a 10cm Woofer & 6cm Tweeter. Customize your sound through the Bass/Treble knob. as well simple presets. Sleek, matte black design; remote control.

Big Sound for Small Spaces

This one incredibly compact unit does it all--Bluetooth® streaming for tunes or podcasts; playing your favorite CDs; or listening to the radio--and is small enough to fit anywhere. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, with powerful speakers for rich sound.

Your Music, Clear and Distortion Free

None of the boomy, tinny, or distorted sound you can sometimes get in a compact unit--PM700 delivers clear, resonant, high-quality sound due to our Sound Remastering Technology. It reduces distortions in digital music playback over a wide bandwidth and resolves issues such as AC power supply noise.

Bluetooth® Streaming

Play all your favorite content -- music, podcasts, audiobooks -- in rich audio by streaming it straight from your phone or tablet. PM700 is equipped with Bluetooth® for a seamless sound experience.

Customize Your Sound

Use the Bass/Treble knobs to help balance the sound to your liking; "My Sound" presets also help create the perfect output for music and spoken-word listening.

Powerful, Balanced Speakers

The 10 cm woofer delivers deep bass, and the 6 cm tweeter produces expansive high notes. The speakers also come with a total output power of 80W(40W+40W). Resulting in a powerful and clear sound. The design of the speaker box reduces resonance within the speaker box to achieve high quality sound.

USB Terminal

Insert a USB flash drive to play MP3 files without a computer.

CD Player

Direct play from your favorite Compact Discs.

Better Radio

Auto tuning and 30 preset FM stations.

Powered Sound

Delivers impressive sound with 80W of output power.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

As part of our commitment to a greener future, we used environmentally friendly materials in the P700, with minimal packaging and a reduction of printing ink.

Product Specifications

Amp Type

2ch Amp

RMS Output Power


System Speaker Type

2 Way, 2 Speaker System

Speaker Unit (Woofer)

Cone type 10cm

Speaker Unit (Tweeter)

Cone type 6cm

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