Facial Hair Trimmer for Sensitive Skin

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Ideal for first time shavers, those with acne or sensitive skin, the ER-GM40-K Facial Trimmer trims away facial hair with ease. The trimmer blade uses soft-rounded edges to minimize irritation on skin, even while capturing soft hair. Includes two detail attachments for eyebrows, mustache and sideburns, plus an eyelash protector.

1. Skin Protective Blade Technology for minimal irritation
2. Moveable blades
3. Flexible swing head
4. Easy-hold handle
5. Eyebrow combs and cover
6. 2 AA batteries for up to 180 minutes of shaving

Unique, Flexible Precision with Gentle Blades

The moveable, dual-blade system of Skin Protective Blade Technology is designed to minimize cuts and irritation on skin that is sensitive, or prone to acne. Extra-gentle Hypoallergic blades protect the skin while trimming softer hairs that regular trimmers might miss.

Flexible swing head

Contours around easily around the face for a precise 0.12 mm (.005 in) close trim.

Long Blade Life

With Panasonic signature stainless steel blades, you will enjoy close, even trimming for up to 1.5 years before neeing a blade replacement.

Eyebrow Trimming Attachments

Safely trim brows and protect eyelashes with three separate attachments.

Easy to Hold and Carry

Compact, portable design that stores and travels easily.

Use Wet or Dry

Safely trim in or out of the shower, with or without foam.

Battery Operation

Takes two AA batteries for up to 180 minutes of cordless shaving.