Cordless Water Flosser with Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Maintain a clean, fresh smile with the cordless, easy-to-use EW1511W Ultrasonic Oral Irrigator. This water flosser uses ultrasonic technology with power of up to 1,600 pulses per minute to move water through the narrowed jet nozzle, and generate thousands of micro-bubbles that burst on contact to effectively remove food, plaque and bacteria from tooth surface, gums and periodontal pockets.

Designed for Five Essential Types of Oral Care

• Interdental Cleaning: Powerful ultrasonic waterjets force food debris from between interdental spaces to enable cleaning in places where food debris easily collects, such as misaligned teeth.

• Periodontal Pocket Cleaning: Waterjets help remove floating plaque and harmful bacteria in periodontal pockets.

• Teeth Surface Cleaning: Ultrasonic waterjets flush away plaque stuck to teeth surfaces.

• Gum Care: Gentle water pulsing action comfortably stimulates gums.*

* With the level 5 water pressure setting

• Orthodontic Care: Wash away food debris in places difficult to brush such as around braces, orthodontic bridges and between teeth.

Advanced Ultrasonic Cleansing Technology

For thorough oral cleansing, water moves through the narrowed water jet nozzle, generating thousands of micro-bubbles that burst on contact with teeth, gums and periodontal pockets. The impact helps remove food debris, on and between teeth, and rinse out harmful plaque and bacteria.

Powerful Dental Care

With the continuous power of up to 1,600 ultrasonic water pulses per minute, the EW1511W water irrigator removes tough food debris powerfully and precisely. In just one minute, it safely reaches, and cleanses places dental floss and toothbrushes simply can't. Five different water pressure settings ensure comfort for varying sensitivities.

Smart Touch Button Controls

The sleek irrigator body provides touch controls and an easy-to-see display in a smart, intuitive layout.

Rotatable Waterjet Nozzles

The specially tapered nozzles can be easily rotated to change water direction to cleanse hard to reach areas in the mouth.

Waterproof Design

With this IPX7-rated irrigator you can clean teeth while in the bath or shower. And when done, the waterproof EW1511W rinses quickly and cleanly under warm running water.

Lightweight, Cordless Convenience

This cordless, portable dental cleaning device can be used easily at home, and its compact design makes it easy to maintain healthy oral care away from home, on business or vacation.

Stylishly Charge in 60 Minutes

The EW1511W fully charges in only 60 minutes for up to 10 minutes of use. When battery power runs low, a blue LED flashes. During charging, a red LED illuminates. The irrigator's charger stand fits neatly on most bathroom vanity sinktops, on shelves or in drawers.