Commercial Rice Cooker Inner Pan for SR-GA541H

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Lightweight anodized aluminum pan, compatible with the SR-GA541H Panasonic Commercial Rice and Grain Cooker.

Commercial Rice and Grains Cooker SR-GA541FH

High-efficiency, large capacity rice cooker makes 60 cups cooked rice (from 30 cups uncooked), perfect for quick-serve restaurants, cafeterias and more. Easy to operate and keep foods warm, with a nonstick liner.

Large Capacity, So There's Enough for Everyone

Make fresh, healthy rice in one batch, so you won't have to worry about running out during busy times of day; SR-GA541FH makes up to 60 cups cooked rice (from 30 cups uncooked) rice.

Simple Operation with the Push of a Button

Simply add rice and water and push the button -- SR-GA541FH goes to work quickly, saving you time and effort.

Never Overcooked

Your rice will be soft, fluffy, and warm; SR-GA541FH automatically cooks rice for the correct amount of time to give guests a delicious and consistent dining experience.

Keep Warm for up to 5 Hours

As soon as the rice has completed cooking, the SR-GA541FH keeps it warm for five hours so that you can continue to serve guests for an entire morning, afternoon, or evening.

Nonstick Inner Pan

No burned edges that cling to the pan -- the nonstick lining of the SR-GA541FH is both durable and gentle on food, so there's no need for scraping food or scubbing afterward.


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