Compatible with: LUMIX S9 and GH7
Coming soon to: S5II, S5IIX and G9II

Transfer Photos & Videos

Connecting to your smartphone is a breeze, with high-speed 5GHz Wi-Fi (available on LUMIX S9).

Transfer photos and MP4 Lite Videos automatically to your smartphone every time you shoot with automatic image transfer.

Create and Download LUTs

Color grade and make fine-tuned adjustments in your style. Then save your preferences as an original LUT, ready to apply in an instant.

You can also discover LUTs directly inside the LUMIX Lab App. After transferring to your camera, you can apply them to photos and videos while shooting, using the REAL TIME LUT mode.

Share to Social Media

The photos and videos you just edited on the LUMIX Lab App can be uploaded directly to social media.

What is a LUT?

A LUT (or Look Up Table) is like a filter or preset that can be applied to a photo or video to change its appearance. With the dedicated LUT button on the LUMIX S9 camera, you can enhance your images or videos in-camera, with no post processing required.