GH7: The Evolution Continues at Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles 2024

GH7: The Evolution Continues at Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles 2024

Cine Gear Expo 2024 took place on June 7th and 8th at the iconic Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA. Since it began in 1996, Cine Gear has evolved into the premiere event for the media and technology industry, as well as a reunion for the global Hollywood production community. Unique in concept due to its proximity to a major Hollywood studio, Cine Gear LA offers artists and technicians the opportunity to explore state-of-the-art technology and techniques, including camera hardware, workflow software, support equipment, and the latest production services.

LUMIX GH7 Announcement

The excitement kicked off on Wednesday, June 5th, when Panasonic LUMIX held a press conference on the Warner Brothers lot to announce the LUMIX GH7 to the filmmaking and cinematography community. The GH7 is a Micro Four Thirds hybrid mirrorless camera designed for professional photographers and videographers, offering advanced video capabilities, including internal ProRes RAW and Hybrid Phase Detect autofocus, ensuring enhanced content quality, efficient workflow, and outstanding reliability.

Toshiyuki Tsumura, Executive Vice President of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co., Ltd., and Director of the Imaging Solution Business Unit, spoke about the integration of Panasonic’s Consumer Imaging Business and the Professional AV Business. “As consumer mirrorless cameras and professional AV equipment interact, these categories are becoming increasingly borderless,” said Tsumura. “We aim to evolve and expand as a business by providing equipment and workflows as total solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs. We will further expand the value we provide to customers and propose attractive imaging equipment and solutions.”

ARRI's Glenn Kennel shakes hands with Panasonic LUMIX's Toshiyuki Tsumura on the licensing deal of ARRI LogC3 to the new LUMIX GH7.

Tsumura also introduced the GH7 to an enthusiastic press corps and announced a new licensing agreement between ARRI and LUMIX for the GH7. Glenn Kennel, Executive Vice President of Sales at ARRI Americas, joined Tsumura for a handshake to celebrate the licensing deal that brings ARRI LogC3 to the GH7. Kennel also highlighted the rich history of ARRI LogC and their strategy to engage a new audience of young filmmakers and content creators.

Showcase on Stage 24: Hands-On with the GH7

Situated next to the ARRI booth, the Panasonic LUMIX booth was a hotspot for attendees eager to get a look at the GH7. The camera was showcased alongside an ARRI ALEXA Mini LF, both shooting in ARRI LogC3. Local 600 D.I.T. Jack Damon expertly matched the two systems, demonstrating their impressive compatibility and high-quality output.

The booth also showcased production gear from Panasonic Pro AV, including the 4K AK-PLV100 studio camera and the 4K AW-UE160 PTZ on a jib, both shooting in V-Log. These cameras were matched with the Mini LF and GH7, providing a comprehensive demonstration of Panasonic’s advanced imaging solutions. Background plates and GH7 content were displayed on an LED wall, courtesy of BNY Productions, all powered by Panasonic’s KAIROS Live Production platform. Performers from filmmaker and LUMIX Ambassador Ben Staley's short film for the GH7 launch, "The Cookie Jar", modeled for the cameras, allowing attendees to evaluate for themselves.

D.I.T. station was run by Local 600 D.I.T. Jack Damon as he matched four different camera systems.

In-Depth Technical Presentations and Panels

For LUMIX, the technical presentations and panel discussions were a highlight of the expo, offering deep dives into the capabilities and workflows of the GH7. On June 7th, LUMIX Business Development Manager Mathew Frazer presented "LUMIX GH7: Enhance Your Professional Workflow." Frazer detailed the GH7's technical specifications and its compatibility with professional production and post-production workflows. ARRI’s Product Specialist, Cinema Lens, Art Adams, provided additional insights into the ARRI LogC3 workflow and its integration into the GH7.

LUMIX Business Development Manager Matthew Frazer gives a technical presentation on the LUMIX GH7.
(Left to right: Moderator Neil Matsumoto; Director Ben Staley; DP Joseph Seif; Colorist Greg White) Panel discussion "LUMIX GH7: ARRI LogC3 Workflow for 'The Cookie Jar". (Photo by Michael Valinsky)

On June 8th, a panel discussion titled "LUMIX GH7: ARRI LogC3 Workflow for 'The Cookie Jar'" took place in the 500-seat Steven J. Ross Theater. This session featured Staley, Director of Photography Joseph Seif, and colorist Gregory White. They shared their experiences using the GH7 for "The Cookie Jar," explaining how they achieved cinematic quality by recording in ARRI LogC3 and utilizing the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF as the primary camera, with the Micro Four Thirds GH7 as the B and crash camera.

Bright Future

"The Cookie Jar" performer Jackie Ho poses for an action shot for the line of cameras and attendees.

Cine Gear Expo 2024 highlighted the ongoing evolution of technology in the entertainment industry. With over 15,000 attendees, the event served as a great platform for the LUMIX GH7 launch, generating considerable buzz and excitement for the filmmaking community. The expo underscored the continuous advancements in cinematography and production techniques, pointing towards a bright and innovative future for filmmakers...and LUMIX.

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