Panasonic Precision Body Hair Trimmer for Women - Compact Cordless Hypoallergenic Full Body Portable Pen Trimmer - ES-WR50-P (Pink)



  • Gentle, full body hair removal - Smoothly, gently and completely trim away unwanted body hair on legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, face, neck and other body areas
  • Safe for all skin types - Panasonic's micro-thin, washable blade cuts hair cleanly near the base; Specially rounded blade tip ensures safe and gentle trimming; Hypoallergenic stainless-steel blade minimizes irritation on sensitive skin
  • Pivoting pen trimmer head - Women’s body trimmer head swings 10-degrees to the left and right to trace the body's natural contours for a more comfortable, efficient and more personalized trim
  • Packable, super-sleek design - Portable pen-style design fits naturally in either hand for total control; Slips neatly into drawers, bags, beauty kits and luggage for body hair removal at home and away
  • Cordless convenience, battery operated - The cordless, battery-operated ladies trimmer is fully powered by one AAA-size battery (not included). Enough trimming power for approx. 40 minutes of use

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Gentle, Full Body Hair Removal

Quickly and completely trim any and all unwanted body hair with the ES-WR50-P Portable Pen Trimmer. A pivoting trimmer head and rounded blade tip effortlessly follow the body's natural contours for safe, personalized trimming. And, Panasonic's sleek, packable pen trimmer design fits perfectly in bags and luggage for convenient, cordless use at home and while travelling.

Smooth, Easy Trimming

With the Panasonic ES-WR50-P Portable Pen Trimmer, it's never been easier to gently trim away all types and textures of unwanted body hair on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini area and even on face and neck.

Pivoting Pen Trimmer Head

The ES-WR50-P trimmer head smoothly pivots 10-degrees to the left and right to effortlessly trace your body's natural contours for more comfortable, convenient head-to-toes trimming.

Rounded Micro-Thin Blade

The durable, washable micro-thin blade cleanly cuts hair near the base — as close as 0.1mm — for smooth results. This specially rounded hypoallergenic, stainless-steel blade tip is gentle on both hair and skin, especially in more sensitive areas like underarms and the bikini area.

Super-Sleek Design

Super slim, portable pen trimmer style design fits naturally in either hand for total control while trimming.

Perfectly Packable

The Panasonic ES-WR50-P pen trimmer is totally packable. Its super-slim design fits neatly into bags, beauty kits, vanity drawers and luggage for gentle full-body trimming and quick touch-ups at home or while travelling.

Cordless Convenience

The cordless, battery-operated trimmer is powered by one AAA-size battery (not included) for approximately eight, five minute trims.




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