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Replacement Shaver Blade WES9068PC

WES9068PC $19.95

Product details

Shaver Replacement Inner Blades WES9068PC keeps your Panasonic ARC shaver performing at its best, for a smooth, comfortable shave. To help maintain the level of comfort and satisfaction you demand from your Panasonic shaver, the high-performance blades and foils should be replaced when dulled, once every one to two years. Compatible with ARC4 men’s shavers ES-LA63AA, ES-LA63-S, ES8243AA and ARC3 men’s shavers ES-LT67-A, ES-LL41-K, ES8103S.

Key features

  • Replacement Inner Blades Compatible with Panasonic ARC3 and ARC4 shavers: ES-LA63AA, ES-LA63-S, ES-LT67-A, ES-LL41-K, ES8243AA, ES8103S
  • Replace Inner Blades for an Optimal Shaving Performance: Over time, the inner blades on your Panasonic shaver will become dulled and pitted. Replacing the inner blades once every 2 years will ensure a smooth, comfortable shave
  • Designed for an Optimal Shave Experience: High-quality inner blades are honed to an ultra-sharp 30-degree cutting edge to cut hair quickly and cleanly at the base
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Genuine Panasonic blades are forged in Japan from premium stainless steel and are designed, tested and certified to ensure a superior standard of excellence
  • Installs in Seconds: Blades are designed to custom fit your Panasonic shaver model. Simply remove the worn blade and snap the new ones into place
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Specification Description
Item Dimensions 18 x 7.5 x 8
Manufacturer Panasonic
UPC 37988564163