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Exfoliation brush for ES-ED64-S



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The Panasonic Exfoliation Brush (for use with the ES-ED64-S Cleansing Brush and Epilator System) is softly textured and uses sonic vibration to gently and efficiently scrub and clean pores, massage skin and remove dead skin cells.

To use the Exfoliation Brush, attach the Brush Head to the Panasonic ES-ED64-S. Pour a small quantity of shower gel and water into the center of the Exfoliation brush and power on - within seconds a cleansing foam is created. Smooth the Exfoliation Brush over wet skin in a circular pattern. When finished, rinse, then apply your favorite moisturizer.

Exfoliation brush replacement For maximum cleansing efficiency the exfoliation brush should be replaced about once every year.*

*Based on 3 minutes of use per week.

How to replace the exfoliation brush Replacing the exfoliation brush is easy. Hold your old exfoliation brush on the sides and pull to remove from the ES-ED64’s Cleansing Brush head. Then snap your new exfoliation brush into place.

1. Hold the exfoliation brush on the sides to remove from the exfoliation head. 2. Gently insert the new exfoliation brush onto the exfoliation head.



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